The Handwringing Super-Clowns + Resources For Peace In The Middle East v.1



” The massacres continue after another short ceasefire… the footage we’ve just watched is the stuff of nightmares… it feels like civilization is unraveling, not just in Gaza… but in multiple war zones… Because there are no world leaders anymore, just blood-lusting, hand wringing and hand-shaking clowns, all with corpses in their closets, running from their crimes, and attempting to obscure them, struggling to stay on top, where they think the stench of death is thinner …

But of course that just causes the blood to gush up from some new hole they’ve punctured in another land… ” XLt analyst





v.1 #GAZA

It would be just as necessary to set up a page for Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Ukraine ( we did one, but not up-to-date ), Egypt, Libya, UK, U.S., China, Russia, Brazil, Turkey,  etc… but since we’ve just been pouring through news on the Gaza invasion… it will take less time for research… and we can be more useful and timely in what we can now provide on this particular situation. *

And since it’s a current bloodbath waged upon mostly unarmed civilians, w/ little-to-no access to a proxy military sponsor ( as is the usual case these days, proxy wars ) since it’s a tightly enclosed fishbowl colony, it feels even more urgent…

Ultimately it’s really a question of what we as global citizens can do about the super-powers, all the big actors, the corporate players and the forces behind their moves, and not JUST with the zones of conflict which they have helped to fuel outside their own borders.


1. – Boycotts AND the #BDSMovement

An alliance of international rappers have put together this incredible track in solidarity w/ the people of Gaza – Rappers unite for …

RESPONSES and CHALLENGES to Chomsky’s recent position on BDS :

2. - Naomi Wolf ( fbook link ) doing some interesting work tracking down an actual + current Hamas Charter… rather than relying on 2-hand info and Israeli PR machine about what it says AND most likely to debunk the persisting Zionist+Likud party claims / lies / talking points for self-defense ( i.e. it’s alleged goals to wipe Israel off the map )  … discussion threads on Facebook for now. But we can probably expect some published article(s) to appear somewhere soon.



1. “Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright also made an appearance [ on the show ] and said, “I am concerned about Israel. I am a great believer in the security of Israel and the moral authority of the Israelis. But I am very worried about what is going on in terms of their image.”

What about all the hospitalized women and children YOU BRAINDEAD STATE TOOL ??? Go crawl back under a rock M. Albright, and all you secretaries of states, we had enough of your nauseating handwringing already ! ! !


2. Charlie Rose interviews Hamas leader. This will be a fascinating media moment to Fully analyze… and will be interesting to see, among other things, if Charlie Rose’s remote control PBS knob is turned up to ELEVEN


3. So Brasil ( and Chile? ) recalled it’s ambassador from Israel, is that the only country that realizes what sort of govt. is being dealt with here ?!


4. So in case you haven’t been following, Netanyahu ( and his party ) made the decision to go to war based on LIES ! Now over 1000 Gazans killed, THOUSANDS more injured and over 40 IDF soldiers killed…

So citizens ( and supporters ) of Israel are you going to take ( legal ) action against the criminals in your own country ??! Is this the end of LIKUD ? If not, why not ?!! And if not, remember YOU TOO are complicit in the war crimes !


5. CiTiZEN MEDIA is winning ! Keep It Real ! #NYC2GAZA – No More Blood Money @ IDB Bank


ok, just a few random things to get a few ideas rolling… please send us links and reports that you have found …

* Oh Jeez, we almost forgot, we did a #Gaza resource page back in 2009 during the Cast Your Own Lead Shoes Operation … Useful to reflect on this dismal + catastrophic loop… if you can bear it.

more coming soon !

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