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Only 2 sessions thus far … And from the dark sides of the Chernobyl-ing Net Culture… 1.The Horrors of Open Data … and 2. E-Waste exploration: opening up our gadgets and looking into what happens when they die…

Loads of great people around and about, but we wish we could be planting a garden together instead of looking to reform the toxic fields of the predatory net !

And coincidentally, CiTiZEN KiNO is preparing upcoming episode(s) #40 : ALL YOU CAN’T EAT !

So back to #okfest14 …  for more dizzying wake-up calls and the smiling IT crowds … huh !??


Abandon All ye NET Hope, S/He who enter here …  follow if you like… or dare…

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open data horror stories shouldn’t be presented as anomalies at #okfest14 this is what the net+predatory capitalism is all about ! #okohno

coincidentally in our feed …. in a parallel un-godly e-verse :

RT> .@ubuweb : Copyright is over! (if you want): http://blbrd.co/1oAgSGQ #donttrustthecloud #fairuse #OKFest14

@johanoomen @ubuweb And how will the imploding free net provide sustainable livelihoods 4 content makers w/o turning us all into adverts ?!

i.e. Ubu Ken doesn’t seem to get the whole picture yet from his academicly institutionally propped chair, too busy surfing + lecturing we suppose. Perhaps he should download Astra Taylor’s new book The People’s Platform ( tho even that’s a wee too optimistic ). Or Evgeny Morozov’s now seemingly dusty old ( in web-time anyway ) rants. Can’t wait what he’s churning up next, Evgeny that is ! Take stock now in punk attitude, it may be our only way out of the digital cult vacuum.

RT> XLterrestrials report from #okfest14 (in small doses ) while we attempt to keep the BtroPoLi$€ ship afloat. E-storm! http://xlterrestrials.org/plog/?p=12933

( that’s Btropolis above. Think: Charlie Chaplin having a thin naked lunch in the machine, at the Kulturbrauerei, Berlin … amongst the reformers. Google Gold sponsored. Hey but there’s free water in small handy-sized boxes. I think that’s a step-up from plastic bottles, but never sure these days. Pricetag: 100-350E entry. Though Volunteering for the industry is always possible, of course. And students can be indoctrinated at a slightly less expensive rate. )

€ 0.00 – net income

0.00 – net gain ?


RT> Still interpreting, assessing own experiences at #okfest14… FAZ article weighs in: http://www.faz.net/aktuell/feuilleton/medien/auf-dem-open-knowledge-festival-ihr-seid-unsere-gold-kutsche-13050820.html …

RT> Now re-reading @evgenymorozov ’s chapter [ in Click Here to Save Everything ] ‘So Open It Hurts’ … wish all at #Okfest14 would read this, if haven’t already. @mushon reminded me, thx !

* our fave new 21c sticker above… be sure to get one from Mushon Zer-Aviv at  mushon.com !


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