#Ohlauer Day 12 : Whose Trees ?! Our Trees !?

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Added NOTE: Our apologies for yesterday’s inadequate report, below ! We simply don’t have the time to depict the gravity and complexity of the issues, which are clearly reaching a boiling point in Berlin, and all across the EU. Tensions are rising from situations which are essentially symptoms of global-scale injustices, wars, racism, widespread inequalities, and socio-economic malfeasance. And let’s not forget Post- post-colonialism otherwise known as ongoing colonial fuckery ! We will try to return to the topic when we can provide better analysis of root causes and a tactical outlook for the struggles.

In the meantime, we tried to share a bit of humor in the darkness, and provide a glimpse into the positive energies arising from a beautiful show of solidarity at the second major demonstration march of this now almost two-week-long resistance, which erupted with the attempted eviction of the occupied Refugee School in Kreuzberg on June 23rd.

Day 12 : Whose Trees ?! Our Trees !?

July 5th: Protesters AGAIN in the many THOUSANDS came to show support for the # ohlauer refugees and to demand a change in Berlin, BRD and EU’s immigration politics. Policies which are actually creating more refugees, producing intolerable living conditions for millions of migrants, and costing lives every day !

In the midst of these struggles, a funny new protest chant was born as one protestor, a young woman, made it up into the tree at Oranienplatz, despite it being heavily guarded by the riot-geared, tree-hugging forces. ;) … This was the same tree that was at the center of another forced eviction some months ago. It became the site of a tree-sit which lasted for a few days, and marked the beginnings of a hunger strike which only just called to an end earlier this summer.

In addition to “No Border, No Nations, Stop Deportation ! ” + “Kein Mensch Ist Illegal !” + “… Freedom of movement is everybody’s right! ” + ” Say it Loud, Say it Clear, Refugees Are Welcome Here ! ” …¬† we can now chant “Whose Trees !? Our Trees ! “

The absurd comedy of riot cops guarding this symbol of the fight was a savored, laughable moment, but not all was peaceful. A few fights broke out, a number of people were detained ( at this location and others) , and at least one protestor arrested. ( More confirmation needed ).

And there is a project to collect accounts of abuse over this entire period of Kberg police besetzung¬† … The Call:

To everyone who was a victim of police harassment & repression in Kreuzberg…

Read more here: http://invia1200.wordpress.com/2014/07/05/ohlauer-to-everyone-who-was-a-victim-of-police-harassment-repression-in-kreuzberg/



And for sure there will be many more strategies arising to contest the intolerable conditions for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

And protests in solidarity have spread to numerous cities…

Hamburg, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Wuppertal … are a few that we’ve seen in the #ohlauer twitter feed…


( NEW ) Resources:

Such a complicated and constantly shifting situation, extremely difficult to give a picture of the whole story, but Vice News has done a pretty commendable overview ( mostly in DE ) :


And Leftvision Clips have been on the scene pretty much every day, and put together this UPLIFTING piece soon after July 5th’s massive demo:




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