#Ohlauer Day 11 : Back On The Streets !


< 5. Juli 2014 – 14 Uhr > Antirassistische Demonstration  – Hermannplatz – Berlin … REad MORe : http://ohlauer0507.wordpress.com/ ( w/ eng version there below. )

Wordpress text above is from July 2nd, situation has slightly changed since then, police are no longer sectioning off the streets around the school… but now guard the property together w/ a private security team ( Securitas )… As we understood it, refugees who have papers / passports are able to come in and out, many do not ! …  Still many police positioned around the neighborhood. And negotiations are falling apart ! … the situation is NOT GOOD ! Keep your eye on #Ohlauer !

And see you at Hermannplatz Demo !

Nach der Einigung in der Ohlauer Straße Senat lehnt die Vereinbarung ab – - http://mobil.berliner-zeitung.de/berlin/nach-der-einigung-in-der-ohlauer-strasse-senat-lehnt-die-vereinbarung-ab,23785272,27713708.html



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