#Ohlauer Day10: Solutions Are A Longhaul Road


{ Refugees demands, 2 of 10 points. See *link below for full texts }

If you are just tuning into the #Ohlauer Crisis – Refugees fighting an attempted eviction by force in Kreuzberg district of Berlin in a dramatic standoff w/city govt… Your are invited to read our previous XLterrestrials reports: EU Fortress vs. Refugees ( part 1 ) // 5th Day of Refugee Crisis in Berlin, #Ohlauer ( part 2 ) … and feedback always welcome !

The negotiations, implications, and paths forward, are all complex and will take time to analyze…

But we attempted below to cover one angle regarding city’s the use of massive force in a situation which requires assistance NOT bullying, and NOT persecution. And the road to solutions will be a long haul.

There are Dozens of articles out there to assess what progress has been made, the mishandling, the damage, the lack of trust, and all the nuances of asylum and migration politics. We will try to do another press round-up as in part 2 if we can find time.

Here’s a link to AK – analyse & kritik | Zeitung für linke Debatte und Praxis – which analyzed quite quickly the negotiations + agreements. > On Fbook.-  eng translation in comments and as a repost.

* Demands, agreement and additions here in full : http://asylstrikeberlin.wordpress.com/…/the-agreement…/

#Ohlauer Day10: Solutions Are A Longhaul Road


On Wednesday night, the massive police circus which had been mobilized by the district government suddenly and without announcement removed the barricades which had sectioned off the neighborhood streets around the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule ( aka the Refugee School) for 9 DAYS. But a small force remains to guard the school property. And as far as we’ve determined from reports this afternoon, refugees remain enclosed and isolated inside. ( Update: Those who have papers / passports are able to come in and out, many do not ! )

[ Now reported by Vice Germany - and Der Speigel - as the most expensive police mobilization in Berlin's history. 5 million euros. ]


From an increasingly distrustful view, the city officials intentionally opened “the floodgates” late in the night for all sorts of chaos, conflict and provocation (and in retrospect, without consideration for the residents who live directly opposite the school ). Initially leaving small groups of police (sometimes 4 or 5) w/o vehicles. We even witnessed one cop standing entirely alone on the sidewalk in Ohlauerstr., nervously watching the crowd streaming in from Reichenbergerstr. towards the school.

[ A bit of a clarification: we learned the chaos that ensued was, in part, b/c police - while getting ready to open the barricades - were caught off guard, and protestors began climbing over them before anything was officially opened ]

Everyone was of course relieved to see them pull back! But anyone who absorbed the last days of tensions and aggression, could now witness that those in charge were now abandoning a complex situation (which they had escalated),  without clear instructions to those still positioned on duty.  It appeared as if they were left like guinea pigs in a very messy, unpredictable situation. Totally absurd ! It felt as if those in city management positions intentionally were inviting new problems and conflicts to occur.

There’s many angles to cover in this story, and our sympathies are with those who are struggling for justice and human rights, and for those victimized in their disenfranchisement and exclusions. And there is much more to say on all that, but we describe here our impressions of this particularly odd climatic moment in the streets, because it also reveals a total disregard for the people employed by the city (and those in command) , workers who in the politicians’ failed power play were put like pawns on the front lines, and into unnecessary confrontations.

Fortunately the mood remained celebratory and peaceful, with a mix of passionate, but at moments conflicted and emotional rants from supportive refugees on the outside.

Much respects to the Ohlauer Infopoint team for their exceptional and skilled handling of all the dramas throughout the last days !!! And they have requested that people remain alert, vigilant and present to support the ongoing struggles !!!

Not surprisingly, there was and is so much left unresolved.


{ 3.7.14 – a mother reunited with her daughter thru the school gates }

And already the day after, the city reflexively and defensively responded with intensification of legal barriers for asylum seekers ( asylrecht, link coming )  and the now re-awakened, rallying and unified wave of supporters have already called for action/demo on Saturday :


Additional Demos + Actions listed, this one seems to be the most supported :

< Sa 5.7. > 14 Uhr Hermannplatz: Demo “§23! Bleiberecht für alle!” #Ohlauer – Link here.



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