EU Fortress Vs. Refugees – AchterFinale ?




>>> Current Updates for 27.06 SEE BELOW >>>

The mendacious and blundering Berlin politicians have now turned the occupied school in Kreuzberg into a massive international rallying point for Migrant + Refugee Rights in Germany and the EU !! … And it’s heating up !! … Follow this story !! #Ohlauer

“We haven’t had time to sum up all the developments + complexity into english yet… but here in De, the sharp view ( and timeline summary ) from the left – “the puking unicorn” blog LOL – in support of the occupiers:

Call for a press conference 2day at 15:00h at the Ohlauer School… Protestors are  already amassing in large numbers in Reichenbergerstr. ( @ Ohlauerstr. ) to support !

definitely more to come…

* achterfinale is the german word for the round before the quarterfinals… This clash of wills where real lives are at stake is about to override the World Cup Spectacle, at least for those who are paying attention to the global crises and the people’s struggles now unfolding  !

” The incredible #Ohlauer story ( Refugees + Migrants fighting for their rights and freedom of mobility in the EU ) makes The World Cup look like Teletubbies for Zombie Adults. ” XLterrestrials analyst



Updates for Friday – 27.06 ::

——- the “Press Conference” -A for the public in Reichenberger just finished… and now the press is allowed to go into the barricaded area to speak to 3 occupiers who will come down ( and have supposedly been guaranteed that they can return ) for PressConf.-B …

—— PConf-A was emotional ! The occupiers spoke via skype or mobile and thanked the people for their support to a couple hundred people in Reichenbergerstr. [ Didn't catch all ]. Then a number of people shared information. Perhaps most important was that the control of the situation has been handed over to the police (which many would see as a sign that the politicians wash their hands of any forceful actions that would come, others view it as the control is in more tempered stategic hands.

—— (link not checked) RT> Livestream der PK #ohlauer läuft jetzt hier: … // Proxtube falls gesperrt: …


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