Essential Music + Vitamin-Beats for 2007


We scooped a treasure chest of musika (+media) gems on the eastern trails, some of which may not be landing here (leftcoast) for several months… so here’s a list, new and old, from the 4 corners, ESSENTIAL MUSIC , nevermind looking back on top ten lists from 2006, we’re gearing up for an XL 2007! And We’ll be continuing to update ( and link) as soon we can absorb and process all the new additions :

Nomad Sound System (not yet released)

Eastern Space Cakes ( lollipop shop compilation)

Leningrad’s new album

WWS – Wszystkie Wschody Slonca ( remixes )

Les Reines Prochaines

Fisz aka Bartosz Waglewski ( Tworzywo Sztuczne )

Kaffee Burger sampler v.1 ( duplikat records )

Dj Filastine’s Burn It

Samsara Sound System v.2 ( land of baboon /prof. Shehab Oh YEAH ! there’s finally a website !!)

Kultur Shock ( new : “we came to take your jobs away” )

Dub Gabriel’s “Bass Jihad” and newer??

The Coup ( Please Note: they just had a serious accident on the road and need Your SUPPORT)

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