On the XLterrestrial radar, summer engagements …




{ image from O Doutrinador by Luciano Cunha * }

< June12-July13 > CiTiZEN KiNO presente ! special edition WOrld Clip Interventions, read more HERE … online, and in Berlin, and beyond. Multiple Venues TBA.

< June21 > “Hacker treffen Harker. Commons Sommerfest” in Berlin am 21.06. … Technophiles, Slow Tech Movement, Free Software Foundation Europe, BerlinerLinux User Group, Freifunk, Solidarity Economy, Akademie Solidarische Ökonomie, Share peeps, etc etc… http://commonsblog.wordpress.com/2014/06/08/hacker-treffen-harker-commons-sommerfest-in-berlin-am-21-06/ [ Eng below ]

< June 25 > CiTiZEN KiNO #39 : World Clip Interventions – Brazil focus, at Panke, Berlin ( the Fedbook invite )

< June14-15 > Backbone409 at Calafou, Spain

< June 27-29 > Exceptionally Hard & Soft Meeting #2,Hamburg

< July 6-14 > Schwarm w/ Czentrifuga
Bern, Schweiz

< Aug4-11 > Transfeminist Hackmeeting Calafou, Spain http://transhackfeminist.noblogs.org/ || http://transhackfeminist.noblogs.org/call-for-proposal/ || Come One Come All! (And no, it’s not wimin only)

< Aug15- 17 > Interference, Amsterdam, http://interference.io

< Aug 19 – 24 >  MMKamp 14 : “Future Environments” -unconference, Lika, Croatia … http://gentlejunk.net/projects/doku.php?id=mmkamp_14_workpage

And here’s a great resource for upcoming Interesting events from Becha from Technologia Incognite – hackerspace in Amsterdam


{ Having investigated the cyborg ideologies out there in CiTiZEN KiNO #31, Xlterrestrials are still a Little unsure about Cyborgian romanticism and futurist fetisch-ization, which in our view is leading to further exploitation and degradation of our ‘natural’ environments, and to a potentially techno-fascist climate, but the nice artwork and ideas for Transhackfeminist meet IS alluring… and undoubtedly ENGAGED! }

more coming soon

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