CiTiZEN KiNO: World Clip Interventions !


{ image remix from O Doutrinador by Luciano Cunha * }

< July 9 > CiTiZEN KiNO #39 : World Clip Interventions – on world cup terror at Morgenrot Cafe, 18:00h - ( Fedbook invite )

the game plan: 18:00h intro clips / 18:30h World Clip Interventions part 1 / intermission / 19:30h Interventions part 2 / 20:30h Xtra-heated discussion ( in eng and de and whatever other languages, we’ll try to accomodate ! ) … open ended … cafe/bar open til about 1h …You can join us any point in the program … all welcome, but NO National flags allowed ! … and morgenrot is an anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, antifa … and very tactical community space…  and an inspiring worker-owned collective ! …

“The real story in Brasil was never about who was going to win the staged spectacles on the glossy stadium fields; It was how people will organize and defend themselves against transnational neo-liberal capitalism which now ravages local inhabitants by paramilitary force. And “the games” are likely coming to your city sooner or later in one form or another, accelerated by concentrated power, technological innovations and greed ! So what we learn from the Brazilians – what worked and what failed in their resistance – is crucial information we can extract for our survival in the global scale occupations of our cultures. ”

XLterrestrials analyst


< July 4 > CiTiZEN KiNO #39 : World Clip Interventions at intermission(s) w/ Jan Lerch and Dj Garrincha for Campo Socrates – at Yaam, 20:30h … Other dates may be added. Stay tune !

< June 25 > CiTiZEN KiNO #39 : World Clip Interventions – Brazil focus, at Panke, Berlin ( the Fedbook invite ) – 21:ooh

+ plus LOCAL NEWS : additional clips + updates from the #Ohlauer Refugee School OCCUPATION and Immigrant Rights Struggles in Berlin ++


< 12.06-13.07 > CiTiZEN KiNO presente ! special edition World Clip Interventions  … online… see below.


AND more Venues in Berlin TBA.


Thiefa World Cup in Brasil

Starting on June 12 and colonizing your eyeballs + hearts + minds through July 13, The World Cup will be screened on over a billion screens around the world.

Here’s the plan: We’d like to ride the wave ! We know that many people love the sports spectacle, but why not try and inject a little higher alien intelligence before, during and after the games? … We’re not (necessarily) up for blocking what so many people love to watch, but we want to screen critical information, serious news, cultural resistance and lots of fun art clips… some “whole grain protein projections” for a better world !

And for sure, anyone watching will be invaded by a 1000 shitty corporate commercials. So why not interject a little local advertising, local community bits too ?!

Help us ! Let’s make collaborative community cinema together !

IF you would like to contact any venues around town for us… and convince them to let us come and do some pre-show + after-show cinema collaborations + interventions, YOU can come join us and we’ll pass the hat for our media activism and we can negotiate a co-production fee for YOU.

This will Not need to interrupt the games. [ Though we're certainly up to participate w/ even more subversive groups,  w/ anyone putting on Anti-WM, Anti- Spectacle, Anti-Nationalism + Anti-Borders, Anti-Sexist, Womens' Voices, etc. nights TOO. ]

Note: this doesn’t have to be established cinemas , it could be anyone screening the Cup, beamer-style. No scale is too big or too small. Good Fun + Street-Level Culture is the key!

We got a whole month to attack, to subvert, to edutain :)

Join Us ! Contact us ! Let’s Do This !


The XLT / CiTiZEN KiNO archives

You don’t need to be in Berlin to collaborate with us. You don’t even need to connect with us to make your own DIY Guerrilla Cinema…

And we’ll be posting a resource of excellent media that you can use. And feel free to suggest resources for this public media project, for all to utilize.

Inspiring cultural resistance, subversive media, strange + funny clips, culture jams, inspiring tactical media, etc…

Here’s a few of our World Clips playlist already, and more to come …

(new) No, I’m not Going…

(new) Começa a Copa no Brasil, nas ruas e no gramado

( new ) Juice Rap News : The World Coup: Thiefa Vs. Brazil

( new ) Tim Pool’s Brasil Dispatches for Vice ( v.1-3 thus far )

Welcome to the World Cup 2014 #NAOVAITERCOPA (Por. )

World Cup 2014 song – Os Milho?es Que Somos – Daniel Arruda

Borussia Dortmund ( anti-racist ) ad

We don’t like Samba (doc, Trailer in english)

John Oliver on FiFa’s public hair snatch

Kick It, 2006 ( anti-WM, Kultursyndicat )

Native Americans and U.S. Sports teams

Street Legend Sean Garnier in Disguise

The Price Of The World Cup ( 30min Danish mini-doc )

the more hardcore perspectives:

SubmediaTVs Fifa Go Home

(newO Doutrinador / Possessonica ( music clip )

( new ) The Comedy Section:

John Cleese rants – Soccer vs Football

The IT Crowd Discovers the Wonders of the Game ( Part 1 / Part 2, and more via Boing Boing )

and tangent stuff:

L.U.C.’s Tribute to Solidarity ( Hiphop from Poland )

to be cont.

‘World Clips Intervention’ is partially inspired by a project called A-clips by Katja Eydel, Klaus Weber, Sarah Lewison and others around 1996… A little history of their pioneering culture jams …

AND NOte: Our regularly scheduled CiTiZEN KiNO monthly programs will continue… Next show June 25th, at Panke.

* Article on Brasil Graffiti against the World Cup injustices… w/ art from Cranio, Paulo Ito, and others not identified.



{ from a doc piece on Cranio ** }

( Added ) We’re working on an article on Sao Paulo’s ninja street artist Cranio … and his use of the indigenous culture iconography in his work, referencing the Xingu tribe ( and others?) , whose existence is threatened by the Belo Monte Dam on the Amazon River and other factors of modernization, techno-fascism and the hardcore jungle ‘gentrifcation’ !

… stay tune …

** Cranio’s Website

* A great video interview and document of making his work in the streets of Sao Paulo. Clip by Paulo Tamlan

Note: XLterrestrials were asked to take down the posters we made w/ Cranio’s work. We respect the artists’ wishes, and in hindsight wish we had the time to contact him and those who assist him with managing and protecting the work beforehand. And we’d love to collaborate in the future!

We are psychomedia analysts, activists, journalists, educators and culture jammers. We host an arts+politics blog, and produce a number of media activists projects. Often reporting and linking in high-speed resistance to corporate culture. If we’ve chosen to use your work, it’s probably because it has inspired us and wish to turn the public on to your efforts.

We are a collective, with volunteer contributors, and cannot keep track of everything.  Please DO ALERT US, if you have issues w/ anything we’ve used.


* the new poster image is from the extremely controversial “O Doutrinador” comix by Luciano Cunha… which we will also be discussing at the show.



JUice Rap News has put their media coverage + analysis of the THIEFA COUP into a fundraising action for the poor in Brasil… Check it OUT !

“” Now that the video is out, we’d like to channel the work we’ve done on this topic and the energy around the episode into raising some funds to support the alleviation of extreme poverty in Brazil.

Thanks to your suggestions , we’ve chosen the following charity to fund-raise for: “”

That’s Arts + Praxis at its FINEST !

… tbc …

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  1. Daniel Says:

    Press Release: Brazilian World Cup song
    Bakermoon Records is proud to introduce an incredible protest song by the Brazilian musician Daniel Arruda, echoing the excitement and frustrations surrounding the Brazilian World Cup.
    The song was released on 4th June and depicts the demands for social improvement and justice in Brazil, as well as the passion for football.
    We hope that the song and its accompanying video can help to spread awareness of the problems and help the situation in some way.
    Please feel free to share it:
    Best wishes.
    Enjoy the world cup!
    Bakermoon Records

  2. pod Says:

    hey Daniel, awesome, we will screen the clip , THX !

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