A few Paracelsian poisons and Herculean Heimlich-maneuvres for those still trying to smell the plastic holidaisies in the burning wreckage … Jan Svankmajer, Sean Penn, the Abyss, and other vivid doings and undoing


Jan Svankmajer’s new film Lunacy is Not the appropriate film to take your lover unless s/he has a penchant for tickling life’s underbellies under a microscope and reads stacks of critical theory like a psycho-sexualized addict with a possession for pricking the entire civilized bubble which restrains us from encountering the flood of ecstatic, unraveling and convulsive truths.

to be cont.

…ah there’s so much to disentangle from that weird nite and heaped on top of the whole kulture-shock of being back in the belly o the beastie… but this speech was absorbed the day of landing, and resonates with so much that needs to transpire in 2007 : Sean Penn’s speech upon receiving the Christopher Reeve 1st amendment award.

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