Bringing the Over-Mediated back to life…


{ Rabih Moure’ , HKW 2010 }

We Really didn’t want to get sucked into another festival/conference right now. We’ve been feeling a bit on input overload. But we landed at the opening of

< 29.05- 01.06 > HKW’s 3rd Berlin Documentary Forum, Berlin

And now we’re hooked !

Truly an incredible pleasure on opening night to be introduced to the intimate work of Rabih Mroué – the Lebanese stage and film actor, playwright, and visual artist.

Actually we crossed his path in Kassel at Documenta13, but in the flood of so much detached and taxidermied art there it was often difficult to get past the supermarket-aisles-of-culture context, and to see the deeper value of whose actually behind the works and the messages being delivered.

There was no chance of missing a deep relationship to his latest work. All artworld(+showbiz) framings, all artifice was instantly and magically dissolved. Riding The Cloud was a riveting biographical narrative of personal trauma and inspirational overcoming. Rabih’s brother Yasser takes us through a mesmerizing journey of living through Beirut’s Civil War, which is probably as close as “theater” will ever get to the experience of … dramatic pause… having a sniper’s bullet pass through your own brain… and surviving !


{ Yasser Mroue’ HKW 2014 foto by © Marcus Lieberenz }

While that may not sound like everyone’s infotainment-cup-of-tea, it was groundbreaking and profoundly MINDBLOWING art!  And while it might seem there’s no way to sweeten such a harrowing tale, they did manage to leave our spirits on some higher, and more connected, cloud !

Note : The XLterrestrials work in this field of using media in performance ourselves ( CiTiZEN KiNO project ), and what was also impressive for us was the soft balance between the archival mix and Yasser’s presence on stage. Both the video and performative elements were so casual and unimposing, we received the content as though we had just met the Moure’ brothers outside the mediated sector. As if in a local cafe, back on the ground, back within the common human territories.

For more context to the work. read more here.

to be cont.


Meanwhile, catch what you can at the HKW – BDF #3 program now through sunday !

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