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People in the Balkans are no doubt still reeling from the floods. So many left homeless, many losing all their possessions, city infrastructures in chaos, etc. All this to people who are still piecing together their countries after the war which tore them apart in the 90s.

And the flooding appears from our distant view, far worse than the Katrina devastation in 2005, which was so widely covered in the media. And it took an incomprehensible couple days before global media covered this catastrophe ( Oh yeah that happened w/ Katrina too ). And it’s hardly covering the urgent need for help now ( Oh yeah, same as Katrina, the Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, Fukushima province, etc etc… )

We’ll try and make a list of resources of where you can make donations below, along with some socio-political analysis,  and climate-f*ck issues as well.


Last night in Berlin – 23.05 – was an inspiring solidarity action event Folk The Flood at Antje Oeklesund in Friedrichshain to support all those in need. Assembled in only 2-3 days, more than a dozen acts, musicians + djs came together, and the house was at maximum capacity.

Raising nearly 1,500 euros and 55 boxes full of donated goods .

That’s arts and community in action !


One of the organizers Carla aka StereoChemistry made some of the usual cynical jokes about F*cking Facebook, rightly so, as she described organizing the event in such a short time, but it was obviously an essential took to make it a success…

And then this morning we awoke with our own usual addictions to the web, and necessities as an arts+media org , and pondered it further …

It surely wouldn’t have flown so well w/o this Fbook thing. So many of us are linked there. BUT more importantly it wouldn’t have happened w/o the historical Autonomous Zones of Rigaerstr. and the people who kick it as artists + freaks there… And w/o the physical non-commercial spaces like Antje Oeklesund existing.

In otherwords, FBook, yur Still a parasitical piece of Zuckerlogical tech-shite most of the time, fully dependent upon WE The Creative PEEPS for all yur slimey leeching ways !

Hopefully we will develop some sort of autonomous zones on the internet again soon, because the issues of a corporation wielding so much power over our communications cannot be understated. yes, we are permitted the possibilities to organize projects aiding a catastrophe, but what about initiating the actions required to prevent environmental catastrophes ahead.  Just one example of many territories that are likely to become untenable in Zuckerberg-Land as the global crises expand.

to be cont…


Some # poplave2014 resources:

Very quickly assembled, we’ll come back for more soon…  And send us yours !

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