Tactical Media + Tactical Presence ! ( Berlin Past + Egypt Present )


We’re just catching up on the films of MARCO WILMS… somehow we’ve managed to miss them until now.

If you’re in Berlin this week, now’s your chance to get your fill, a serious dose of resistance culture, brought to you in tactical technicolor and practically dripping from the screen w/ current news …

ART WAR features a variety of tactical artists from Egypt, including Ganzeer, who is NOW under serious threat in Egypt, having been accused of working with the Muslim Brotherhood… Follow the news at Perpetuum Mobile ( and on FB at: Perpetuum Mobil? ) and at #Ganzeer


{ Ganzeer at work }

The next 3 days you can catch almost all of Wilms’ works, and discussions, w/ him in attendance.

< 19-22.05 > Radical Frame Films – Marco Wilms – At Lichtblick Kino in Prenzlauerberg.

Arrive early, it’s a cozy micr0-cinema, which can, and probably will, sell out fast.

We’d like to write about our impressions of his brilliant and complex document of Berlin in the 90s – MITTENDRIN, infused w/ a biting GDR – eastern – view, but we’ll have to come back for that …

” Mittendrin is bad ass ! Should be REQUIRED viewing for all Berlin transplants who missed the 80s/90s/00s … and even those who passed thru it in a wild blur, and are Still wondering What The Fuck Happened ! ” Dr.Podinski – XLt + CiTiZEN KiNO analyst



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