The Meaning of Cern And The Race To Power

A Little XL Terrestrial Analysis of
Supercolliders, Toblerone, and The End of The World As We Know Not Better

( 9.10 + 9.11 = X – $10bn )

It hadn’t really hit home what was underneath the surface of the much touted and conjectured Big Bang Genesis, Dark Matter and String theories, what exactly might be at the core of the $10bn (£5.1bn) experiment at Cern, until we read towards the end of one of the Guardian’s many intriguing articles that the US also has its own supercollider laboratory (soon to be decommissioned?), and that THE RACE was on…

Picture Chicago’s Fermilab, the other multi-billion $ horse shot and sold for glue in a year or 2. Lucky for us global citizens at least the one in Switzerland has a grand “open source” PR campaign and now takes a 27k subatomic victory lap (in both directions no less) on Sept.10th. Of course what exactly should we expect of open source from a project in an underground Swiss bunker which requires eye-scan security entrances, when not even the secret formula of Toblerone can legally be published on someone’s blog??!


Aside from a Military Industrial Complex illogic which we all know is inherently and incestuously bred with dim logical insanity and Mordor junkydom, we should probably still assume that giving westworld scientists too much money is a very very bad idea.

Ok, we have to admit we were prone to believe that a team of 6000+ Faustian bargainers spliced together by a pretty unwholesome academia ( abundant with career opportunism, upper-class egos and disembodied head-cooked fantasies… all in a gravy of specialist dismemberment and Reductionism) to build the world’s biggest Machine, namely a Nuclear one, could lead to any number of horrible consequences. But after reading Michio Kaku’s article (one physicist with humanitarian principles we sorta trust), we can more calmly analyze this travesty by purely sociological and psychoanalytic and civilian deductions.

Ok, the world is not coming to an end sucked down this particular laboratory psychos’ black hole drain, it’s just ending faster and uglier for anyone on the periphery of the Swiss-mix model bubble. And sadly it appears that a golden ticket mechanism is in place for those gears to continue to thread and float such marshmellow-plumed power trips with no finale in sight.

It’s amazing to read all those in the scientific community billowing about why such extravagances in the pursuit of knowledge are justified (and attacks against sobering perspective from the likes of Sir David King, for merely suggesting that we might have more pressing problems as a species to, ya know, SURVIVE) , it becomes oddly perceptible that Science Inc. is the world’s fastest growing religion/industry. And since when did unravelling Genesis become such a bankable concept ??!


First off let us clarify the XLt are certainly not against the pursuit of knowledge, but it might serve to notice a certain principle at work here: the age of Big Banging Science. It’s a theme we’ll have to expand upon in the XLt research, but it strikes us as a similarly aligned thesis as in Adam Curtis’ The Trap, that the Cold War mentality has permeated, leaked out of its supposed container, to put all science and technological achievement from military to civilian to unlocking the (harvestable) secrets of the physical world on a stopwatch clock against ourselves. And here’s a prime scenario to question to what ends the world has been made ripe for more outlandishly pitched cathedrals (bubbles, ponzi, or pyramids? take yur pick) than ever before.*

Two scientists, the late Austrian-American physicist Victor Weisskopf and Lawrence Krauss, even make this comparison, supercolliders and medieval churches, positively. We kid you not. What?! You don’t think we came up with this analogy ourselves??! In hindsight one might wish that a social order with clearer brotherly and sisterly objectives could go back in time and recall all these bloody cookie-cutter bunkers of “mystical wisdom” and “moral centers” before they spread their vicious ideology + dark consulates across the globe. And we’ll take that analogy a step further: those new conical nuclear cathedrals that now dot our planet, yes it was physicists who opened up those little franchises with the pearly gates to undisposable nuclear waste… and they are STILL awaiting recall from a healthier society.

Fact is the list of achievements in the name of progress used to justify this new underground city-sized wonder machine don’t really ratchet up to much social benefit ( much less horizontal + higher intelligence), perhaps because not only is there a scarcity of clarity on what progress might actually be, there’s usually any number of top-dog Phds and Institutions with their X factor of highly lucrative patents reaching into the planetary cookie jar.**

Meanwhile the current Social Darwinisms appear to fuel a dizzying array of abominations. One Guardian science writer brings up those uncontrollable urges to “discover” like Columbus and his fleet who … uh, sailed to plunder an already uniquely and sustainably inhabited continent. Check. Another waves that laughable lunar landing in our face, as if that flag still poking out from space rock still nourishes some hidden purpose other than marking Nixon’s limp distraction to Vietnam atrocities and socialist revolt. Check. That same author mentions in the same breath Magnetic Resonance Imaging, as if to be able to SEE what’s probably going to kill you ( like those alien blobs in your body which usually come from your toxic environment), along with its 5-6 digit medical bill which arrives some weeks later is a truly miraculous and compassionate gift to a patient’s well-being. And oh yes, MRI and the uninsured are definitely not compatible; That’s 47 million, roughly 1/7th the population in the U.S. if you happen to be doin’ the uptown/downtown math. And don’t even bother with the 1st/3rd world equation, suffice to say the majority of earth’s population is off the map of such medical miracle$. Check. No one dared bring up any other juicy results of the 50 year nuclear industry. See above. Check. But many are quick to mention that Cern has already given us the Internet… and while we are loathe to unveil the XLT research on this theme before completion (2009) , we will mention here that we have made a few analyses of “the epic-scale virtual migration” i.e the great Peda-bytten, E-Bay-ed and PayPal-ed, 2nd Life-like void. Ever notice that the majority of net traffic is now dominated by an entire galaxy of unlistenable bands in Web 2.0 gated-space, along with their unwatchable Youtube videos ( btw, reduced to a lo-res pre-fidelity digitalia to avoid confrontations with the ol’ school broadcast/content mafia) ?? And lets not forget the mother of all commodified streams: unpoeticly documented, but higher bandwidth, orgasms. And oohh the data reservoir for totalitarian regimes. Double Check.


So you see, that stats are not necessarily as high as the science world would like you to believe as they reach with voracious new appetites for the bottomless pit of research funding to find the universal (marketplace of ? ) truths. Just don’t ask, “What’s In It For Humanity??!” Just keep pouring socially investible buckets of tax loot into those black holes, we’ll obviously all be the better for it! And there’s a sucker born every nano-second!


tbc – work-in-progress

* In the case of many nuclear objectives this high-speed race is at our peril, and in other seemingly less destructive pursuits, just a mere nano-to-macro-scale medieval downgrading of civil responsibilities and qualities of existence for the world-at-large.

** Matthew Fox, a religious scholar and education activist, used to point out in his lectures a gritty overview of the precarious society we have shaped whereby it is primarily those who have attained the highest learning credentials, the Phds, who are responsible for destroying the environments we inhabit, and questioning how we came to rely upon such dangerously fucked up establishments for knowledge. He also liked to quote E.E. Cummings: “There is some shit, I will not eat.”

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