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{ Eastern UKR map from WSJ article, red dots – areas of unrest }

We guess it’s been seriously on the brink of war for some time, but this morning’s news of helicopters shot down over Slavyansk seems to indicate a frightening escalation, with Putin saying “Ukraine’s action against Slavyansk has destroyed the last hope of the Geneva agreement ” ( Guardian ).

Time to create a little UKR resource page, and hope that it helps citizens, peace activists and journalists in their efforts to pull this story away from the trajectory of the superpowers’ agendas, nationalistic divisions and conflict zones.


- Guardian Live Blog

- WSJ map + Satellite imagery

Editorials + Analysis

- It’s not Russia that’s pushed Ukraine to the brink of war, Seumas Milne

- Marx’s last stand: Eastern Ukraine, Vladimir Golstein

- Red Lines in Ukraine and Elsewhere, Noam Chomsky

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#Ukraine, #Slovyansk, #Slavyansk, #Donetsk, #Crimea, #Luhansk, #Kramatorsk, #NATO, #Kremlin

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Journos ( a mixed bag ) :

Truthout@truthout / Maxim Eristavi @MaximEristavi
/ max seddon @maxseddon / Yannis Koutsomitis@YanniKouts / Rixstep News @rixstepnews / Brown Moses@Brown_Moses / Kyiv Post@KyivPost / grasswire@grasswire / Asteris Masouras@asteris / Ruptly@Ruptly / RT@RT_com/ Emma Wells@Emmawells1 / Myroslava Petsa@myroslavapetsa / / Christopher Miller @ChristopherJM ( Kvivpost) / GrahamWPhillips @GrahamWP / Mark MacKinnon@markmackinnon / BBC News (World) @BBCWorld / SPIEGEL ONLINE alles ?@SPIEGEL_alles / Abby Martin ?@AbbyMartin

A Bit Random ( wingnuts and/or genius ;) :

@euromaidan / rouge68 / Ukraine Scholars@UkraineScholars / AutonomousOperations@YourRevoCentral / uacrisis@uacrisis

This is all quickly thrown together , so please tell us if we have perhaps wrongly categorized, or YOU have some incredible resources of your own to share w/ us …

Added: Crisis spreads to # Odessa

Howard Amos@howardamos /

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more coming soon!

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