Charles Eisenstein’s Talk Of Generosity, Miracles and New Stories. Stockholm Syndrome Alert !?


Last night we went with an open mind to check out what author Charles Eisenstein had to say ( currently on a short Germany tour ) …

In general, we like his idea of ‘amateur economists’ and Sacred Economics ( the title of one of his books ), primarily because the language of academic or professional economic theory can be PAINFUL , especially if it’s not your bag! With the typical elite constructions which make it difficult for the everyday citizens to enter the maze, and tinker !

And we desperately need fresh perspective, new narratives and DIY initiatives in the realm of one of those root social+political issues/structures which has us locked into a deadly, losing game.

If one were to pick the top factors which are driving human beings off the cliff, economics is probably issue #1. And to get out of the current operating system is a massive challenge, in part because there are powerful interests, dedicated and entrenched efforts to keep us locked in.

We first learned about C.Eisenstein’s work through Daniel Pinchbeck and Reality Sandwich… a place where a genuine and positive spirituality ( often infused with the wisdom of and solidarity with indigenous cultures)  is mixed with activism… and sometimes psychedelics and neuropolitique… And attempts, platforms and experimentation to create new vision and consciousness upgrades are tried and supplied.

Spirituality does not often mix well with hard left and oppositional activism, and secular logic. But we XLterrestrials remain open for a wide-range of exploration in these realms, because the western paradigms are truly limited (and extremely arrogant) in their understanding of the non-rational and non-quantifiable aspects of being, consciousness and the full scope of living organisms. Logic and Reductionism have been powerful tools, instrumentalized to drive the “conquest of nature”, and the separation of humans from their habitat and eco-systems. Things which C.E. is doing well to expose and pinpoint as another root cause of our fucked scenario and dismal state of global, social dysfunction.

But, to cut to the chase, where his talk went into New Age Mode for us, was when he tried to steer away from obvious social struggles, the inherent conflicts, the oppositions to liberation… as if New Vision alone can save the day !

And in response to our statements about needing to act in solidarity, to participate in cultures of resistance, and to consider the scenarios that Do absolutely require civil disobedience, he went off on faraway anecdotes like: a Rwandan woman who forgave the general who slaughtered her entire family and she served him soup, and he was changed…

It was suddenly like some christian evangelical messenger took over the discourse, and, for us, an intolerable pathology of pacifism was obscuring the reality of the situations … and obfuscating the challenges ahead.

And that was time for us to walk out !

We are in extremely dangerous times, where there is IN FACT a 1% which is obstructing – w/ militarized force, legal force, by any force necessary (i.e. state terrorism) – the possibilities of a more intelligent and more sharing, connected, intelligent society.

Actual people, not abstractly evil, rather people precisely calculating to retain their power, and actively exploit the various systems, situations and psychologies, etc. to increase their control and dominance. Their objectives undeterred could quite possibly, if they haven’t already, produce a period of mass extinction and global scale survival-of-the-fittest – i.e. fascist – endgame.

This is a subtle and complex topic, and one we can’t easily discuss so openly in an online blog format easily… frankly…

But to begin:

Today we witnessed a city in action, a city with a terrible history of fascism, and a city with strong resistance movements and an informed and engaged public ready to fight for human rights and justice. ANTIFA groups , average citizens and even a couple concerned politicians came together to prevent a right-wing party and brazenly racist march in Berlin, and they were entirely successful – by sheer numbers, and probably for that reason, without the need of violence – in shutting this shit down !

Roughly 6,000 people to give you a clearer picture ! Read more at TAZ ( auf De ).

added: And this video at RT

to be cont…

- work-in-progress -


{ in Berlin, April 26 }


This pic from Bogota which went viral during the Occupy days, was also used on some website to advertise one of C.E.s talks…  though not clear if it was made by him or those hosting the talk…

Probably not the free hugs you were looking for… And the meme hints at something akin to “what’s wrong w/ this picture?”,  hitting a nerve , an instinct that we are still unravelling… analyzing…

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