CiTiZEN KiNO #37 : “X-filet” … Coming soon ! ( Berlin + Leipzig )


< 24.4 > CiTiZEN KiNO #37 : “X-Filet” at Panke, Berlin – 21:00h

< 03.5 >  CiTiZEN KiNO #37 : “X-Filet v.2″ – 1st time in Leipzig ! … at the Autodidaktische Initiative, ( Georg-Schwarz-str. 19 ), 20:00h

Calling all CiTiZENs ! Help shape the next C-KiNO… Join us on the Pirate Pad, help assemble our themes, suggest some must-see media bits, and see what sources we’ve compiled so far !

+ the Fedbook invite

Our topics for this episode of CiTiZEN KiNO begin with an image of the Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex ( above ), which was built in the 60s during Cold War 1.o.

“Built at a cost of six billion dollars in North Dakota, the site was a massive complex of missile silos, a giant pyramid-shaped radar system, and dozens of launching silos for surface-to-air missiles tipped with thermonuclear warheads. It included a PAR “backscatter radar” site, designed to follow missiles being fired from Russia, which it would shoot down over Canada.”

Some reports say it was operational for only 3 days, others less than a year… After which it was flooded, and now stands as a monument of the utter waste and stupidity of the Military Industrial Complex, and a planet where faction governments spiral into technological power games and bizarre necrophilic fetishes, which are ultimately useless to society and our survival in the 21c.

As we navigate beyond the Cold War 2.o, we”ll explore a wide range of media bits with you to imagine how we might shift into higher grade life forms !


Some media inputs that we’ll be showing excerpts from include…

: : 1971 the film ( about the Citizen’s Commission To Investigate The FBI , trailer only)

: : “Come back. A story we wrote together.” about Enric Duran – the “guerrilla
banker” – and the social movements in Spain. ( Article + Link to film )

: : Michael C. Ruppert’s doc for VICE: Apocalypse, Man ( 2013, youtube link )

: : Fascism Inc. ( the new film from the makers of Catastroika )

: : The Gospel According to St Derek ( new doc on Derek Jarman, who died 20
years ago this week – Guardian article and link to doc )

: : Die Gstettensaga: The Rise of Echsenfriedl (2014) by Monochrom

: : And too many strange and inspiring shorts to list here… BUT here’s one Killer Teaser for CK#37… new from EastCross, A tribute to Berlin Street Art part 3

: : Plus the extraordinary book “Empire of Illusion” by Chris Hedges (2009),
a “society of spectacle”- like vivesection of a cultural cul de sac
from the former NY Times war journalist w/ a spiritually sharpened twist.

AND in other news… from our recent explorations in Poland :


While researching for upcoming shows we spotted this MINDBLOWING work in the city outskirts … haven’t had time yet to translate, polish speakers out there could you please help ! very very very curious ! … click foto to enlarge, must see in FULL, it’s a masterpiece ! Artist(s) not yet identified. By the incredible Lump from Lodz.

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  1. pod Says:

    from a friend Karolina > re: grafitti text : The line is what you would normally write at the beginning of each class in primary school. We always did Lekcja (Lesson) on the top of the page and then Temat (Topic/Subject) below, the latter is what you have here. It loosely translates to “Subject: It’s not the kids who burn the trash”, I’m guessing that the point of it is that it rhymes.

  2. pod Says:

    from our friends from Szczezin and Pigasus Galerie in Berlin > The artist is LUMP, and here short video:

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