XLterrestrials Join #WaveOfAction ! And YOU !??


Today begins the Wave Of Action ! And XLterrestrials are joining !

An incredibly articulate and flexible call to action which appears to bring together a variety of already existing ideas/forces/movements like Occupy, Anonymous, a variety of environmental + hactivist forms, Global Spring revolutionaries, etc etc…  and poeticly and pertinently beginning on the day that Martin Luther King was assassinated !

From the site: ” The Worldwide #WaveOfAction begins April 4th and runs through July 4th. During this three-month cycle, people throughout the world will be protesting corruption, rallying around solutions and taking part in alternative systems. The new paradigm will be on full display. … The #WaveOfAction gives all of us who want change a powerful opportunity to #EvolveSociety. Change-makers all over the world will be engaged at the same time in an unprecedented wave of transformation. “

Do It ! Spread It ! Expand It ! Re-Occupy It !

We only caught the news of this wave yesterday while scanning a number of incredibly depressing and enraging news items  -

- 1. Davey D Cook’s blog + threads on the increasing regularity of racist police violence cases in The U.S. -  i.e. the infuriating story of Jordan Miles out of Pittsburgh, Pa. This judicial impunity is unacceptable ! ( Currently this particular story is only on his FB thread, but you can follow his work here. ) Added: story Now up on HipHopPolitics !

- 2. Nafeez Ahmed’s precision analysis + big picture on the climate change crisis, calling essentially for the death of Zombie Oil industry… Guardian article here.

- 3. McKenzie Wark’s unusual new semiotic card play : defining the old degenerate operating system of ( spastic-) Capitalism as Thanaticism ( but more on that later ).

- 4. Cringing as we read technotopian Kevin Kelly’s ideas on the “Technium”, where he states there are no limits and no counterforce to EVERYTHING being tracked in the new digital age. A total shill for corporate America’s cybernetic regime on fantasy island ! This moron is apparently oblivious and too busy lubing his own ass w/ the latest products from Silicon Valley to grasp such concepts as The Constitution, Rights to Privacy, and a blooming digital resistance like crypto parties, hacklabs, anonymous, Tor, mesh networks, Chaos Communications Club, 2600, EFF.org, Tactical Tech Collective, and the whole post-Snowden net revelations impacting how we re-think the technological environments … etc, etc, etc … ( but more on that later ).

- 5. And finally arriving at Daniel Pinchbeck’s blog which explains with his usual warm entry points for global solidarity and human consciousness upgrades why at this point we need coordinated global action(s) ! Yes, he’s in full support of #waveofaction and will be speaking about in NYC this weekend at … Zucotti Park !

more coming soon !

Meanwhile join THE WAVE:

#WaveOfAction #GlobalSpring #ReOccupy #BeTheChange


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