Why Snowden at SXSW Reveals Only Half The Net Mess


{ Snowden on The Daily Show / Stafford Beer’s cybernetics, an XLt remix * }

Let’s not mince words, what Edward Snowden has done to help society out of the  dark Labyrinth made by a cybernetic regime dream, and caught with its bloody hands in the global cookie jar, is HEROIC ! And to be handed such a panoramic disclosure of the beastly mess we’re now in was entirely unexpected !

But as we listened to his intervention live-streamed at #SXSW14, we began to realize why he’s only capable of giving us HALF of the epic Net Problem. If even that…

Aside from all the obvious bits that we need to know about defending our rights,  free speech, reclaiming privacy, and pushing back on the grisly abuses of a control society coup in the information-economy age, what we won’t get from a patriotic techie defector’s analysis is that our future is NOT the future of the Internet. But yes, if we continue down the road of an oppressive unfree Net, that’s certainly where the real life gates of hell can all be technically opened, managed and widely distributed.

But why think so linear ?! … In one century, we went thru the mass media looking glass – from daily papers to radio waves to telephony + television trances, and deep down into the rabbit web hole. What exactly is mass media? And what is mass media to the poetry of existence and living creatures anyway ?

This perspective we are about to share will hardly be possible in a blog post, but it’s a start…

That the locus of life should be found in the commerce-ridden free-flow of information propelled by the all-too-easily quantifiable and computational reductionism of our being, transformed into a bottomless pit of virtual production and endless digital drive-bys, cash-ins and cash-outs, THAT IS THE CRISIS !

While it might seem that saving the Net is mandatory now, given all its ugly endgame potentials in the hands of tyrannical giants and gluttonous one-eyed psychopaths, in the end we’re still nowhere if left only with holding the dead stinky bag of a misconceived and monstrous hunt.

BTW, that is the agenda of #SXSW, one mega-rock-n-roll sales pitch/catch for the gonzo digital marketplace ! **

Or in other words, what if we’re on a hijacked BUS ? The BUS being a means from A to B. But what if A to B in the cybernetic dreams are a mere corporate + military nexus of the disembodied realm – an inflamed mental, abstract and transactional disappearing of love, life, and all sorts of known and yet-to-be-known multi-dimensional liberties, connections and manifestations. But hey, we’re sure fighting hard to win that BUS.

And then ? We still gonna dream in A’s and B’s ?

* We haven’t fully fleshed out what the strange juxtaposition of Snowden’s rocking the New Web Order ( via a John Oliver / Daily Show skit ) w/ Stafford Beer’s cybernetic system made for a Salvador Allende’s Chile ( murdered ) might reveal…  but feel free to see where that takes YOU…  here’s a short juicy – but messy – article on that.

** RT > “Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen are also speaking at #SXWS this year… When you continuously host SHIT-LICKERS, you should get NO RESPECT from self-respecting artists, journalists, hackers, citizens, etc.! SXSW, you are a gorging all-u-can-eat buffet of indie AND corporate BIZness, plain and simple, f*ck off ! ” XLt analyst

*** RT > “How come no one boycotts festivals n thngs ( n thugs) in America, for ASSASSINATIONS + TORTURING + ILLEGAL MILITARY INVASIONS ? Stay focused people ! #SXSW ” XLterrestrials


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