How To Change The World NOW in 1001 Acts


{ in Jodhpur }

Look ! It’s time to get fed up, it’s time to be outraged, it’s time to be inspired, time to get over all those measly hurdles, and put your skills into action to change the world NOW !

Yeah. Jodhpur?, looks nice and exotic eh? Well if you’re planning on making a long journey to get your feet wet, make it real, make it longterm … remember Tourism’s for suckers ! And escapism is futile,  a ricochet of false advertising, an ism w/ no keepers !

added: a sketch, we’re trying to come back to… to fill in some inspirations for action…

And at the time, we were constructing this entry an old comrade and neighbor who helped found Clowns Without Borders posted an article on the subject , w/ some great images … ( CNN’s not a source we like to share, but here it is ) . And the Org from where the foto comes from Payasos sin Fronteras .

And it struck us as being one of the acts … Creating a job that didn’t formerly exist ( exactly ), and doing something meaningful in one of the most fucked up situations that exists on the planet… working with kids with war-torn lives… and doing it with joy !



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the Acts :….

… a report back and a leap forward coming soon !

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  1. cspr Says:

    well i for one am fleeing out of this depressing hell-hole. escapism might not be the optimum, but it beats the constant decay of humanity slapped in your face.

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