A Human Chain of Neighborhood Resistance, Baiz Strikes Fwd !


Berlin continues to set new precedents in solidarity action !

Baiz, a local bar*, more aptly described as an anti-capitalist + antifa watering hole and social space, was forced to move due to the rising rents in the  neighborhood – a Kiez – on the borderline between Mitte and Prenzlauerberg.

One of the last venues of Berlin’s once vibrant, thriving underground in these eastern parts, now an increasingly wealthy middle-class territory slowly growing quiet, quaint and sterile w/ boutiques,  a gouging-gourmet ghetto, start-ups and mostly flavorless cafes … And filling fast with conservative family units and 9-5ers. Well ok, it’s Berlin , let’s call em 12-6ers. OR, the always-tethered always-on new digitally-willing slaves, perhaps.

[ And recent statistics have shown that there are Very Few former-DDR, East Berliner tenants and business owners, perhaps less than 10% of Prenzlauer. We're looking for a link to be more exact. ]

Purchasing an Eck-Laden several blocks away, they weren’t satisfied w/ quietly departing their now legendary corner at Christinenstr. and Torstr…. So they asked their community to help move this Sunday by forming a human chain – Menschenkette – for some 10-15 blocks, and make their move from the old to the new.

Maybe more than 1,000 people showed up, and in less than 2 hours moved all their furniture, decor, odds-n-ends to the Schoenhauser Allee location ! Serving free tea, coffee and cookies, and a glimpse of what’s to come. A larger space w/ lots of potential ! And now no longer renters, no longer at the mercy of money-grubbing bastards !

A brilliant move that loudly jabbed in the face of the gentrifying forces, “Wir Bleiben Alle !” We Are All Staying ! … And We Are Many !

It’s these kinds of solidarity actions that could lead to stemming the tide of arrogant neo-liberal logic and bulldozing purchase power of the land-owner class. Smart, Local, Collective and Beyond-the-Symbolic ! Actions that matter ! Actions for the win !





* we previously wrote “collectively-owned”… but we aren’t really sure what the structure there is… the new purchase, might in fact make it a business collaboration, but is not likely a worker-owned enterprise.

to be cont.

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