Republicrat Buffoons in Twin City, Democracy Now reporters arrested, RNC dispatch…

[ Steve Bell from the UK Guardian currently reporting from the US ]

More news coming from the RNC in the Twin Cities… Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman among journalists arrested, and 2 cameramen from Submedia TV … for now check their latest RNC Dispatch #3 ( AND #4 ) ! And please send them your support! Note: These 2 media outlets represent 2 very different styles of radical and cutting-edge reporting, one a very sober look at the news ignored by corporate-owned media, the second a very impassioned view disobeying all the rules of corporate newsroom lackey-dom, in other words a highly subjective journalists’ revolt.

Please distribute this Press Release from Democracy Now WIDELY ! ( an easy-to-use share click on the page) These arrests are an OUTRAGE to the journalist profession and concerned citizens alike, and is highly ILLEGAL. It should make for a very expensive lawsuit for the Minneapolis Police dept., and DN should file for maximum damages!

And here’s some pics from good ol’ boy democracy in action from :


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