Never never underestimate the return to the all-too-familiar holiday Endstation, America(s)


The first night of the re-land upon the shores of the long-lost Leftcoast, our Happy Feet Travels Compa brought us out to The SantaCon Party being held at Cafe Du Nord.


…where Scott Beale’s “You’d Better Watch Out: Portland SantaCon ‘96″

was pulled out of the old VHS drawer ( Neeeeds Digitizing! )… and… revealing the 1st year Santarchy invaded “foreign soil” or should we say soiled the foreign state. Back in 96, some 2oo Santas from mostly the Bay Area loaded up at SFO and headed for PDX… and after a number of inebriated + dada digressions finally came around to their objective to enter a shopping mall which had been pre-fortified by riot-geared cops unprepared to comprehend what Santa species had come to eat their bot brains for breakfast.

There’s something about a gathering of multiple Santas that will be indelibly marked by the first 5 minutes of The City Of Lost Children and the Cacophony Society praxis, as if a six-shooter sharpie is drawn at the Battle of the Galeria-Algiers, and the empire becomes suddenly re-contextualized as an overstuffed consumer-driven turkey billboard eating itself from the inside out.

Check out the fun pics from Scott and Fetching.

Note: Stencil above from Schoenhauser Allee in Berlin… we’ve been supplying a few from our trails to, and a new batch is being prepared for delivery. Like this one from Zagreb:


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