We Break For A Short XLt Public Service Announcement…


{ special guest, dj/xj Edgar Alien Pods }

“OH Man! Are We Ever Fucked !” XLt analyst

But not to despair entirely, THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT FROM EDGAR ALIEN, and we’d like to invite YOU to our upcoming XLterrestrials events:

< Thurs. 06.02 > XLterrestrials present dj/vj/xj Podinski spinning a mix of Eastblock Globalista, Psychotronic Dub and Gothic Pfunk, etc … at Eschschloraque ! Rosenthaler Str 39, Berlin – Mitte 22:00h – ?

At < MIDNIGHT > we’ll present a small excerpt of our upcoming CiTiZEN KiNO
episode #35: “Seen But Not Heard in The Anthro-Obscene” ( an unauthorized Transmediale “Nachspiel” ). Our analysis of this year’s #TM14’s Afterglow.
With special guests Edgar Alien… and more…

< Weds. 26.02 > CiTiZEN KiNO #35 : “Seen But Not Heard in The Anthro-Obscene” with special guests. At Panke ! 21:00h

< Every Tues. Nite> dj/vj/xj Podinski digitally regurgitates some favorite bits from a musical globalista world at the long-running + infamous “stammtisch” nites at Buchhandlung Cafe ( on Fedbook ) – a strange convergence of nomadic arts+tech+politics+praxis tinkerers who like to socialize and inebriate – founded over 8(?) years ago by the mighty Telekommunisten. 21:00h – ?

Spread The Word, And Bring Your Own Brains !

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