Transmediale 2014 v.6 : Unlocking The Enlightenment-Era Plunderpalooza TechnoBubble

Birdwatchers-001+Brazil Confed Cup Protests

{ 1. from Birdwatchers film 2. Protest in Rio }

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Day 5 ( including opening ceremonies night ) at Transmediale.

Currently being transported by the Brazil perspective… no, not the dystopian Gilliam film version ;)

< > Micropolitics of the post-digital: From street protests to transitional spaces in Brazil, stream: … #tm14 #transmediale

Not the more positive sides of this lecture, but watch this incredible clip of protests against the World Cup ( in Rio?). Still looking for a version with the subtitles, because the song lyrics are powerful, something like, ” you are getting what you want, but you are provoking us “.

MORE Indigenous perspective and solidarity at TM on the main stage, wow, we’re starting to be impressed :)

RT> @jonasfrankki Wish Fabi Borges would have had another hour to get deeper into techno-shamanism and “open our fucking white brains” @transmediale @tm14

to be cont.

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