Transmediale 2014 v.5 : Post-Digital Colonialism


{ XLt pic: We interrupt this message… }

Literally TWO min after entering, this uninvited art citizen was being questioned by security. Possibly TOO post-digital + dangerous !?! #transmediale

We didn’t stick around to see him bloodied to a pulp in a backroom ;) … But safe to say he will either be allowed to wander the premises and give the Transmediale guests a little chuckle, or he will be told he can’t make art with a sign, unless he submits a proposal to Transmediale 2015.

It certainly makes us hungry for more outrageous, outraged and far more aggressive interventions and citizen or civilian initiatives taking place here.

Are we all just going to accept this tedious formation of a new Post-Digital Colonialism department from the Ministry of Sleep-Inducing Culture ?!!

With that said, the panel on Post-Digital Research w/ Florian Cramer, Soren Pold, Christophe Bruno, and many others, did seem at some point to politely agree the term is perhaps just a little misleading… and even slimy.

But we”ll have to try and come back and examine the archives for the parts we missed.

BTW, as much as we may sound thoroughly annoyed, there are some jewels of insight amidst the cloudy muck, and we’ll have to spend a little more time to do them justice…

Just briefly, we thought the non-obfuscating language of Kate Crawford in Uses and Abuses of Big Data will probably be one of the more valuable archives to study and re-use. And yet we are just a little worried that M.I.T. – one of the primary spawning grounds for the Cybernetic Regime – where she works at the Center For Civic Media, may simply devour her if she becomes too popular and/or effective.

Indigenous atrocities and RIGHTS, human rights, environmental catastrophes, etc/ etc, … are put on the table…finally … on Day 4. Thx to Sean Cubitt ! The conference can now begin… Maybe we can start getting tactical and start hacking this Enlightenment-era Plunderpalooza Science. … more on all that later… we need a drink or 2 or 5 !

to be cont.

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