Overflowing cups and Transmigraines from the swirling syrupy sweet Pest-overs

bpest.JPGbpest.JPGP.Wee: szia , greetz from the dense urban
chaos of bpest
A-Zee: still in bpest
P.Wee: leave 2morrow for the ecoptopia2006
A-Zee: I thought for sure you’ve moved
A-Zee: good
A-Zee: finally some developments
A-Zee: action
P.Wee: ya got a little snagged , but a good
snag, we got good anarcho-guides here showing us the blade-runner backdoors of
the austro-hungarian relic-metropolis
P.Wee: we had a pretty good show
here…though a little too distracted n drunk crowd to fully absorb…
P.Wee: and we are hanging with some
filmmakers who plopped us into a piece
P.Wee: which neeeds work, but hey they’re
taking some of TOC into the themes
A-Zee: TOC?
A-Zee: transmigranee
A-Zee: hehe
P.Wee: gotta wake up and eat breaky then
will try to plog a bit …hehe yeah me got a transmigraine from too
much sweet hungarian wine
A-Zee: the movie is about this guy who comes from
the states to tour a show with some single lens glasses?
A-Zee: it’s way late dude
A-Zee: it’s almost time to wake up over here
P.Wee: um, no idea what it’s about really …BUt
the monosphered pod appears
A-Zee: me and Toh-Ree have a brain pain from this
movie primer we just watched
A-Zee: she’s asking if you found her an apartment
P.Wee: on a staticky tv and replicates into
multiples which start jabbing each other…. um nevermind, no idea
really… a semi-forgotten dreamtime, until revisted another nite.
A-Zee: you’ve seen it I see
P.Wee: an apartment in bpest?
A-Zee: no!
A-Zee: an apartment in berlin
P.Wee: oh yeah, for when? remind my feeble
brain …
A-Zee: she was kidding… but she’s moving sept
15 or something
A-Zee: she wants to work for xlterrestrials berlin
P.Wee: hired !
P.Wee: includes road fatigue syndrome and a
virtual swiiss bank acoount
A-Zee: stirs up the consciousness with a big
kitchen spoon?
P.Wee: …that squeaks like old leather shoes
in the rain
P.Wee: swiss bank account that is
P.Wee: well maybe i absorbed that spoon
thing from the transylvanians…it sounds kinda like brain eaters from
P.Wee: : )
P.Wee: haven’t really had time to check it ,
but u all might like the liebidow.de site
P.Wee: lots of on-the-fly media making

P.Wee: ok gotta eat breaky…wanna save this
plog for a plog….
A-Zee: tory says you have to change her name too!
P.Wee: oh yes please save…cause i have no
idea what “copy” is in hungarian and not sure i’ll get it
A-Zee: ok
P.Wee: check ya later…. OH DUDE
coincidentally i met 2 sao paoloans who KNOW HOW TO CODE THE NODES AND
A-Zee: I wish you luck with that
P.Wee: gotta tweak the xlt sooon with ya if
yur down, laterzzz

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