Transmediale 2014 v.3 : Just Another Round Of The Tool Monkeys !?



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There is no technological redemption in a civilization of tool monkeys! XLt analyst  *

Here we go (again) ! … Transmediale 2014: Afterglow

A little orientation to the Festival program… which is broken down into 3 basic sections :

Hashes To Ashes / And Afterglow of The Mediatic / Will You Be My Trashure ? (But more on those later. )

::::: XLt Highlights, High-Lows, and Recommendations :::::

:: Day 1 ::

< 29.01 :: 19:00h >  Tonight’s opening ceremony in the main HKW auditorium will give Sci-Fi luminary Bruce Sterling the floor, who already presented a wild and humorous rallying call for actions last weekend at #Eddcon at Volksbuehne … performed with unguarded provocations reminiscent of Berlin’s own patron saint of Beautiful Trouble, Christoff Schlingensief… Don’t Miss! Arrive early.

< 29.01 – 02.02 > Art Hack Day Berlin, the results of a 48-Hour hackathon will be on display for the entire festival. This is perhaps one of the more interesting and fresh experiments where the TM together with LEAP galerie and some 80 artists and hackers explore a more laboratory and praxis approach to the themes… but likely too short a window to come up with any long-tail hacks to solve the already loaded techno-capitalism’s myriad obstacles to species and consciousness upgrades. And the clock is ticking !

:: Day 2 ::

< 30.01 > Art as Evidence, w/ Laura Poitras, Applebaum and Trevor Paglen. 20:30h

:: Day 3 ::

< 01.02 > Military Trash, Invisibilities and Temporalities, 22:00h

:: Day 4 ::

< 02.02 > Circumventing the Panopticon

< 02.02. > Micropolitics of the Post-Digital (Brazil)



Some perspectives…

Tuesday night’s pre-opening talk by Canadian novelist Doug Coupland was a nice entry point, that should have you primed, alarmed and ready to go beyond mere literary musings … His talk skillfully painted an absurd and dismal picture of your future “cloud-ganger” more or less sprouting from your (eunuch-oid or sterile-like) digital loins… and growing up to Not Like you !

One of Coupland’s most recent ( non-fiction) works from 2009 is Extraordinary Canadians : Marshall McLuhan published in March 2011. His quick and latecomer portrait of MM was useful… Here’s a glimpse of what that was like his 2011 UK Guardian article. And there’s more coming on that theme…

< 1.02. :: 14:00h > The embassy hosts another TM-related night on Saturday. McLuminations 14:1 Counter-Environment Infrastructures and Substrata of the Global Village w/ Baruch Gottlieb, Jamie Allen und David Gauthier.  ( Fedbook invite )

An in-depth interview w/ M.M. was posted as a little historical orientation to the themes… This quote was highlighted…

“I see no possibility of a worldwide Luddite rebellion that will smash all machinery to bits, so we might as well sit back and see what is happening and what will happen to us in a cybernetic world. Resenting a new technology will not halt its progress.” – McLuhan from a Playboy Interview in 1969 reposted at Next Nature

( ‘Next Nature’, keep an eye on that term ! )

From an XLterrestrials’ perspective this is another profound entry point into HOW the techno-milk got spilt !

IOHO, the above quote epitomizes detached non-resistance theory practices and an excellent springboard to challenge both a previous and current generations’ passive acceptance of their new mediated submersions and/or psychic + material re-colonizations.

And we encourage the audiences to bring a little FIRE to the discussions this year as we consider HKW + TM’s Afterglow approach to understanding, coping, responding to the new digital environments, and its festival settings… not just a little problematic ! We should not allow ourselves that professorial ( and soft artist-framed ) sit-back-and-examine approach to the severe dystopian realities that are now an easily-downloadable B-Movie Horror Show sure-as-the-screen-of-day enveloping us !

With that said, there’s some highly-charged and compelling presenters + program themes in this year’s TM ! Get ready to support and/or take ‘em on… no expertise required. You are all fully-equipped planetary citizens now, bring your voices, concerns, emotions, bodies, minds, and collective struggles to the high-arts + showtime table !


* This monkeys w/ tools  line of thinking began from a posting from McKenzie Wark today, who may or may not be turning a bit technotopian ;) ?? :

” If you say science is nothing but instrumentality and capitalism’s technical wing, then you’re saying we’re doomed. Those are the two most powerful social forces on the planet, and now it’s come to a situation of science versus capitalism. It’s a titanic battle. One is positive and the other negative. We need to do everything we can to create democratic, environmental, utopian science, because meanwhile there is this economic power structure that benefits the few, not very different from feudalism, while wrecking the biosphere. This is just a folk tale, of course, like a play with sock puppets, like Punch and Judy. But I think it describes the situation fairly well.” Kim Stanley Robinson

Science vs. Capitalism, True or False?!

… uh, Kinda begs the question, will we evolve into ethical and compassionate humans, or die off soon ??

XLt has a few thoughts on that :) stay tune…

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  1. McKenzie Wark Says:

    Thinking about technology does not automatically make one a ‘technoutopian’. That’s just too crude a category.

  2. pod Says:

    hi McKenzie, Thx for having a look at our work… the critique of the techno(u)topian needs some further developing, but finding it useful on many levels. This entry is really just a quik swipe – in the midst of absorbing a big festival week… But certainly there are people thinking of technology w/ particular positions w/in it. And we are curious to learn more about your own stance on many issues there…

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