Unnatural Disasters (part 2): Republicrats, Katrina, Gustav, and The Laboratory Planet

” Our Society’s obsession with controlling the future – and with insuring accumulation – has at least 2 major consequences. The first is the organization of a consumer environment for the immediate satisfaction of anticipated desires, with the effect of eliminating desire as such, and creating an atmosphere of suspended disbelief where entire populations move zombie-like and intellectually silent beneath exaggerated images of their unconscious drives. The second consequence, as we have seen with such violence in recent years, is the simple removal of those who might trouble this forcibly tranquilized landscape with any kind of disturbing presence or political speech. What results in both cases is a dampening of voice, a muffling of desire, an insignificance of critique, reaching a paroxysm in the national consensus surrounding American security fever and military intervention after Sept.11″

Brian Holmes from The Laboratory Planet, issue #2 … For the moment this is not made available online, but if you are interested in how to get it ( and/or distribute it) please feel free to contact us. See info XLt page 01.

[ New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina]

Unnatural Disasters: Republicrats, Katrina, Gustav, etc.

As we begin our continuing plog on “Unnatural Disasters” (part 1: DNC Protest Zone and The Republicrats’ Perpetual Short Change), the eye of Hurricane Gustav hit land about 3 hours ago near Cocodrie, Louisiana (about 9:30 a.m. CT). The above image of armed National guards in New Orleans from 2005, reveals a state not of government prepared to assist and deliver aid to people in tragic circumstance, but the desperation to maintain control in a city perceived to have already sunk below the parameters of a scripted social order. High on the list of priorities in Mayor Nagin’s response for the current situation is ordering a mandatory evacuation ( incl. Texas and Alabama areas, nearly 2 million, one of the largest in US history), implementing a 24-hour curfew and threatening to take any suspected looters straight to the State Penitentiary in Angola.

Is there any other society on earth, that in the face of the next serious catastrophe threatening the well-being of its citizens, the governing body acts first to secure property and enforce its rule?? As we write this Democracy Now reports that Blackwater, the private military firm with absolutely zero training or equipment for humanitarian assistance, is seeking personnel to deploy to the areas affected.

Is it a sign that there already exists only the most fragile charade of civil society? That Lousiana is already such a plundered, enslaved and abused population, that any vacuum of normal operations might open the floodgates for an idiot-regime to be toppled, uprooted, washed away like debris in a storm.

For anyone still confused about the myths surrounding the Unnatural Disaster befalling NOLA in 2005, this video produced by Levees.org, reveals how 53 BREAKS in the levee system built by The Army Corps of Civil Engineers “was one of the two most costly failures of engineered systems in history, rivalled only by the Chernobyl meltdown.” And similar disasters are waiting to happen in over 20 states throughout the US.


Laughingsquid, Boing Boing, and the website for the new documentary Trouble The Water (also reposted by Michael Moore) have all posted a list of very useful resources, which may be of some importance as the south faces a 2nd, and even 3rd barrage of Hurricane Hannah and tropical storm Ike in the next days…

Though the sad irony here is that the people who need it most will not likely have access to the internet, either because there are blackouts, as in Nola currently… and/or the populations most at risk, i.e. low-income folks in NOLA are no doubt a perfect example of the digital divide and a severe educational resources gap.

It also may sadly represent a crucial example which the XLT research has been attempting to illuminate: that “virtual migration” is creating a serious disconnect from life-on-the-ground, and in such scenarios digital culture will become practically worthless. A perspective which becomes poeticly illumined in Benh Zeitlin’s 2007 Nola film, “Glory at Sea” which relates the idea that all the Stuff you have, technology, your computers are absolutely ^%$#@ useless without electricity… and more poignantly without your loved ones.

Also interesting to note, a comment from “mumpeg” at Laughing Squid criticizes the lack of context, and perhaps the lack of critical analysis which might reveal that orgs like Fema and Red Cross, and of course the US Govt. Inc. are notoriously corrupt and should not be trusted. This posting and its list of ALTERNATIVE RESOURCES is worth repeating here:

” Dear Chris and LS readers,

Some additional info, and perhaps a small correction to the above comment. This isn’t exactly CONTEXT ( or content). It’s a list of basic resources… obviously well-constructed by a very experienced blogger… and should be considered a social obligation by people who run a media enterprise and who have such a wide readership, in such situations. Thank u Scott! Very useful!

As far as Context… which is often frighteningly absent from most blog media in general, and LS “reporting” in particular.

Here’s a list of contexts:

Hurricane Katrina was NOT a Natural Disaster, Watch THe Katrina Myth CLIP :

Red Cross steals money from Katrina victims:

FEMA, R. Cross, La.and US govt. officials should be facing criminal prosecution,
resources anyone ??!

the hideous statistics of post-Katrina New Orleans:

Alternative grassroots organizations + more info
where u can be of assistance to NOLA :

the Republicrats are fuckheads and cannot be trusted to serve the people:

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