2014 is already waking on the wild sides… XLt Winter Blurbs


< 10.01.14 > A Lou Reed Celebration at Szimpla Badehaus, Berlin

( fedbook invite )

Currently there’s 32 artists/musicians working on an internal list to make this event happen ! … Needless to say this is going to be a bad ass event ! … Come on down ! … And now you can win some very cool prizes if YOU want to participate in sharing w/ us YUR HIGH WEIRD TALES of VU+Reed illuminations ( written and/or ‘open’ mic-style ). See below.

Sponsored prizes from Pontecarlo, Hundt Hammer Stein , Metrolit Verlag, and XLterrestrials … and more to come…

And upcoming:

< 24-25.01 > Einbruch Der Dunkelheit, International Conference w/ Evgeny Morozov, Eleanor Saitta, Bruce Sterling, Jacob Applebaum, and many more… at Volksbuehne, Berlin

< 29.01- 02.02 > The 14th Transmediale Festival – Afterglow, Haus Der Kulturen – Berlin




Tell us your own tales of music-inspired inspiration …

( in the comments )

So dear VU + Reed fans ( you don’t have to be attending the event to participate )… Not only do you get to hear some great covers of VU+LOU live, but YOU can participate in a little storytelling experiment. YOU are invited to write a paragraph about YOUR favorite VU +/or LOU Tale Of Inspiration ( on an index card we will provide YOU at the door or submit here in the comments online).

AND we will then select the best stories, and are then welcome to TELL IT – if you want – on stage. A little game we’d like to play, while we set the stage inbetween Live Acts. AND we’ll be giving out PRIZES ( see below) for the funniest, strangest and/or most poetic, music-inspired real life tales.

Many THx to our last-minute SPONSORs, You can now win the book ” Nachtleben in Berlin, 1974 bis Huete” from Hund Hammer Stein Buchhandler + Metrolit Verlag, A candelite dinner for 2 @ Pontecarlo , 2-x- breakfasts for 2 @SzimplaCafe, and lotsa cds from all yur fave berlin musicians and djs, and probably more to come…


dr. Podinski’s VU + Lou Reed tale coming soon…



Once upon a time, dr. Podinski, who was just a wee Pod then… was on a little holiday trip w/ friends from his Humanities and Psychology and Film classes. Someone proposed chemicals and a venture to the 103rd floor of the Sears Tower… at the time, it was the world’s tallest building, completed in Chicago in 1973. The top of the empire.

Nevermind that the pic above of the new glass balconies, known as The Ledge(s), weren’t finished at the time… Hard to say, how we might have reacted to THat, but for sure we were already flying plenty high… and needed no additional attractions, trials or tribulations.

Probably the most terrifying bunch of humans to ever enter an elevator, from our perspective….

And once atop the mad deteriorating worlds, walking to the edge to peer below wasn’t easy… It took a little music to calm the nerves. Pod had forgotten a music device, but luckily a friend could see the terror in his gaze… and like a true psychic brother, he handed him the player, and – as if miraculously – Lou Reed was playing on it.

The music to him was a little alien then. Sure, he knew the voice, VU had already coursed through his grey matter a 1000 times. But he was more of a Cale-head, and stubbornly so. For him the Velvets, had a kind of 3 pillars: the sophisticated cat on the violin, Nico’s dangerously seductive voice, and Reed’s welcoming stories and (too) familiar guitar trails, like a neighbor with whom you knew you could hang when you ventured too far from home. And this was clearly one of those times, only more like you suddenly found yourself trembling uncontrollably on a lunar surface, and there was no way back… at least not today.

“Walk on the wild side” was playing, he sunk warmly into it’s groove… and it was Lou intimately whispering ‘it’s alright!’ in his ear…

The music empowered him to head to the window and look down at the streets from where we had come.

But he didn’t just walk to the window… suddenly he was filled with hysterical laughter. He was in an instant transformed by the music into a wild-eyed Prince Of Swords… beaming…wielding will and multiple direction, but also utterly lost. He traversed the rectangular spaces of the monolithic office box w/ prickly finite rules and un-negotiable dead ends. But The views were now glorious, not demonic threats, and full of ledges for heroic adventures, an invitation to undo the preset reality tunnels, our cages ! To re-open the child or beginner’s mind.

to be cont…

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