CiTiZEN KiNO #32+33 : Organisms vs. Automatons… p.2.


< 26.12 > CiTiZEN KiNO #32+33 : Organisms vs. Automatons, at Panke. There’s a chili voku available, starting around 20h and films begin c.21:00h – Berlin

< 29/30.12 > CiTiZEN KiNO #32+33 : Organisms vs. Automatons, aboard the MS Stubnitz in Hamburg … time TBA … w/ special guests + AFTERPARTY, for the late-night fun after the CCC sessions.

the FEdbook invite is here, If yur so inclined.

Dear CiTiZEN KiNO and XLterrestrials friends, fans, and disturbed onlookers, we are urgently raising funds for some never-b4-tried experiments w/ cinema, the internet and YOu… Plz consider donating, so that we can bring some crucial analysis during the 30th Chaos Communications Congress in Hamburg… ANd for an upcoming ‘empire-state-side’ tour. Contact us to find out how you can help!


{ This image remixed from by ADA+Neagoe, orig. for Omagiu magazine. }

“Schrödinger’s Cat today : Is it On the internet or Off the internet?”

XLterrestrials analyst


{ Prometheus Rising by RAW. 1983 }

ALways good to have the mind blown AGAIN by some of our early teachers… So with the end of this rather painful and tumultuous year, we’d like to revisit and pay some respects to some of the great thinkers who have influenced The XLterrestrials projects like Robert Anton Wilson, Rupert Sheldrake, and a more recent discovery like Michael A. Persinger … and the ingenious and complex classic Mary Wollstonecraft-Shelley’s Frankenstein ( or The Modern Prometheus )… and other bits still coming for sure.

Have a listen to Robert Anton Wilson interviewed by Sounds True – Techniques of Consciousness Change

After hearing that almost all his work is underlied by The Copenhagen Interpretation by Neils Bohr, we are happy to find that synchs with our current revisiting of the Shroedinger Cat bizness !

So somehow we’ll have to work some of RAW’s lucid understanding of scientific models into our year-end mix!


And this article by Bruno Latour called Love Your Monsters ( from 2012 ) is highly problematic ! For XLterrestrials it provides an illuminating perspective of how NOT to interpret Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, when in the midst of a techno-capital shitstorm, that threatens to crash our environment in so many ways.

Sorry Latour, monsters are monsters, you cannot cuddle w/ fukushima and the greedy idiots of industrial post-humanism, any more than you can love the brood of techno-fascism !

ANd come try the new Lucid Dreaming Goggles from Cornfield Electronics, and/or try on The Pod NET based on Dr. Persinger’s “God helmet” ! :



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