Radical Blurbs v.11 : Pirate-Mapping … in the new world order and beyond

6.9 :: Pirate Mapping at Trickster, Oberbaumstr. 11 , Berlin

A fundraiser for XLTerrestrials research and radical upgrades at the European Social Forum, Malmo. Rude + Rebel beats from Left-coast to Balkana to Globaltronic with djs Shazam (Nomad Sound System), Trecid aka Globaltronika ( ADF webmaestro, NL), dj Podinski ( XLT, San Fran), dj Hanuman ( Cargo Cult) + + Kino/Vjs from MDCBerlin.org …

3e suggested donation, no one turned away for lack of funds. Come early and get an XLT Pirate Map… and for a “possible” MDC vs. XLT Freiluft Kino in the Hof. Ab 21:00h, check back for more details.

There are dozens of NGOs headed to the European Social Forum ( Sept.17-21), here’s a small list of groups coming for the European Peace Action gathering, which is a parallel event focusing on direct actions against militarisation on many levels:

www.ofog.org // www.aldermaston.net // www.antimilitaristas.org // http://www.bombspotting.org // www.clownsfreiheide.de.tl // http://www.transnational.org/


3.9 :: dj Trecid from www.asiandubfoundation.eu, and friends at COOP.TV, Rochstr. 3, Berlin

5.9 :: Babylon Now (Part 3) w/ dj Shazam + Vjs Podinski w/ MDC , Pergamon Museum, 19:00h, Berlin Mitte

Our final event w/ dj Shazam + Vjs Podinski w/ MDCberlin. org …. as part of Pergamon Museum’s “Babylon: Mythos + Wahrheit” exhibition, revealing an alternate reality and poetic view of the life and times in the Middle East, namely Iraq, the region of ancient Babylonia. If you are interested to attend contact us before Thurs. morning ( 4.9) for a free ticket to the museum. Performance starts in the Babylon Lounge behind the Pergamon altar, 19:00h sharp.

5.9 :: SOLIKONZERT Fuer RBB RadioMultiKulti in der Werkstatt der Kulturren Hof ab 17:00h til late, Berlin

RBB is planning to shut down the MultiKulti station at the end of 2008, and replacing the frequency with more CORPORATE MEDIA CRAP… but there are many things that are being scheduled before it goes down, and the efforts to keep diversity on the airwaves are on the rise. Sign onto to the Save MultiKulit Radio murdyspace here, and find out what you can do.

10.9 :: O2-Halle Opening / Demo 17:30h Kottbusser Tor, 19:00h O2 Halle, Berlin

The grand opening of the “O2 World” venue in Berlin represents to many in the neighborhood: gentrification, trampling of residential rights and concerns, a massive corporate entertainment industry hosting sterile and culture-whoring events for maximum profit and little taste or meaning. A welcoming committee has been organized. Read more here:

www.ms-versenken.org // www.wba.blogsport.de // www.stressfaktor.squat.net

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