CiTiZEN KiNO #32+33 : Organisms vs. Automatons pt.1


Organisms Vs Automatons

“The deities of mechanical nature and reductionism science are dead !” – XLterrestrial analysts

Nevermind throwing bricks through individual bank windows, or ousting one dictator-bot at a time ( only to be replaced by another bot ), when you can hack the shitty operating systems via the roots of the scientific models and constructs that uphold them. A new scientific paradigm of intelligent living + connected organisms is coming, that is, if we don’t allow the mechanized meat puppets to send us further into the dark ages first.

We don’t think we’ve read in a long while a more subversive and heretical take-down of the current hegemony of the school of nature rapists than the 2nd Chapter of Rupert Sheldrake’s “The Science Delusion” ( published – initially – less contentiously in the UK as “Set Science Free” ) which asks ever-so-simply “Is Nature Mechanical ?”

Fortunately, Rupert will Not get burned at the stake by the clergy of the Techno-Dystopian Church, because well, he himself is of Ox-Bridge makings, a well-versed, eloquent and even humorful biologist who served time at both holy institutions, and whose at the cutting-edge of where new paradigms are shaping our brighter and inhabitable horizons.

It’s really just a matter of time before the old faithful dogmatists w/ all the worst parts of the 20th century’s ‘Origin of the Exploitation Species’ are tossed into the rubbish bin.

The fact that Sheldrake stirred so much controversy w/ the TED board w/ his TED-X White Chapel talk is merely another sign that the church walls are about to crumble (again !). And his stodgy detractors there on various online platforms were pretty-well trounced by a supportive public growing wiser to the censoring, narrowing and predatory agendas… and ripe for change! Not to mention, the anonymous board of scientists refused his challenge to debate him, and then sheepishly relegated his archived talk to the back pages ( rather then censor it outright ).


“The machine metaphor has long outlived its usefulness, and holds back scientific thinking in physics, biology, and medicine. … Organisms are self-organising ; they form and maintain their own ends or goals. Machines, by contrast, are designed by an external mind; their parts are put together by external machine-makers and they have no purpose or ends of their own. … In light of the Big bang theory, the entire universe is more like a growing developing organism than a machine slowly running out of steam. ” Sheldrake in The Science Delusion.

In short, we are creative evolving beings, and we are making and shaping our future. But a crucial distinction from the technotopian one-way contractual and necrophilic vision, it is not about mutating ourselves into upgradable automatons, but allowing ourselves to be a part of the whole – immersed in a living, breathing intelligence that is everywhere on the planet, from the monkeys and plants in the rain forests to the micro-organisms in the arctic to you. Don’t accept anything less !

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< 29/30.12 > CiTiZEN KiNO #32+33 : Organisms vs. Automatons, aboard the MS Stubnitz in Hamburg … w/ special guests

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