Winter Btropolis, XLt blurbs v.5 … Organisms vs. Automatons


{ CK#32 : work-in progress }

< 6-7.12 > Whatever Happened to Privacy?, a Boell conference at C-base, Mindpirates, and Boell Foundation.

Some very important converstaions happening here:

> “Whatever happened to Privacy?” brings together international activists on focal topics and combines bar camp style work sessions and political round tables with a classic public event. <

< 5-7.12 > Ma(n)chines at HKW, Berlin

( more coming soon )

< 29/30.12 > XLterrestrials in Hamburg, more coming soon !


:::  news bits  :::


And XLterrestrials are busily working in their cyber-cages on a follow-up to our last CiTZEN KiNO on Cyborg culture…

And coming across amazing articles for analyzing:

David Golumbia’s Cyberlibertarians’ Digital Deletion of the Left

and McKenzie Wark’s tangential response Against Social Determinism



And in unrelated arts+activism ( + leaks ) news there’s some intense stuff hitting the web regarding journalists who have gone through some of the Stratfor leaks re: Srdja Popovic and Otpor + Canvas organizations:

Exposed: Globally Renowned Activist Collaborated With Intelligence Firm Stratfor

And a reply from Andy Bichlbaum from the Yes Men:




And then, not just for the hell of it,  but because we want to up-the-level of waking ourselves from the “cybertrance parties” – a provocation :


{ a one kitsch pony ?? }

Ok, we admit, for awhile we went along for the ride and accepted that they were some milestone in music… but seriously, is Kraftwerk a bad joke upon the art world ? Like jackson pollock or andy warhol… a most soulless packaged product … a fetish for german nerdliness w/ fascist overtones, a neoteny, an excuse to give some intellectual credence to bad disco music for nearly 3 decades, and techno for another 2… A band with nothing to communicate except an advertisment for promoting man-machine indoctrination, technological coldness, detachment and kitsch ? … just wondering…

ok, ok, the (customized- ) vocoder was cool ! … but…


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