XLT/TOC Last european show of 2006 at Zentrale Randlage with Media Decompression Collective


XL Terrestrials will land at the Zentrale Randlage THIS Wednesday :: 13.12.06 :: 20:00h sharp :: Schönhauser Allee 172, Berlin :: U2 Senefelderplatz

Special guests of Media Decompression Collective ( the Berlin branch, also opening minds in Toledo, Ohio … since 1§§6?? ), who program regularly at this fine “newer” venue for experimental music and programming for the those who regularly test the outer limits.

We’ll post a more detailed description of this exciting collaboration just as soon we get our bags unpacked, catch up on that dreadful sleeping habit, make the rounds of dropping flyers on a Berlin Saturday nite from our XLT fleet of droid helicopters, and stop those damn horizontal lines spilling out of control on our u-tubed frames.


” The increasing informatisation of society and the economy results in a growing culturalisation of politics. The use of information technology for the deterrence of civilian dissent opens up a new dimension of political and cultural control. There is a great interest in constructing an in-formed opinion and to shape public opinion as a whole using a hypnotic network of “facts” – even if these have no relation to reality. The art of the economy of attention consists in directing perception to a certian area, evoking psychological guiding motivations and shedding light on certain aspects in order to leave others in the dark. The increasing concentration of all attention on the spectacle makes everything disappear that is not within the predefined horizon of experience.”

From Konrad Becker’s article Info Body Cult , Culture and commuications as instruments of social control.

“It is the awareness that we live in an insulated artificial universe which generates the notion that some ominous agent is threatening us all the time with total destruction.”
Slavoj Zizek

Retracing a few steps from previous presentations as we prepare for Transmigration Of Cinema 2.1 at ZR in Berlin and putting the media clips into a tighter flow of ideas. Breaking it down into chapters like 1. State of The World 2. Spectacle and Military Entertainment Complex 3. Hacking the Artifice and its OS 4. Turning the corner: art praxis and tangeable effects


Since we experiment with a variety of clips, and juxtaposition,spontaneity and live interactions are all essential to the Transmigration Of Cinema we do not have a Set list … But the following is a possible Playlist , which includes some of the most successfully engaging excerpts from this year’s tour… a complete list of the XLT archives is still being compiled … but feel free to ask us any questions about anything you have seen, would like to get ahold of, or have recommendations for us.

BTW here’s a tip for underground cinema goers and media guerrillas : Bootlab’s PIRATE CINEMA returns as of this SUNday … see you there ! 

A Possible Playlist for 13.12.06 at ZR, excerpts from:

( in animations)
- Bendito machine
- Bingo ( ars electronica)
- Station ( ars electronica )
-Sophie Fienne and Slavoj Zizek's Pervert's Guide To Cinema
- Debord's Society of the Spectacle
- Venezuela Bolivariana: people and struggle of the 4th WW
- EBN - 05 - I Will Teach You.avi (perhaps for intro?)
- Conspiracy Theory Rock - Mediaopoly
- Strategic Cyber Defense
- -Bill Gates Doom infomercial
- XXX - State of the Union (clip)
- G8 Indy Media infomercial
with 2D glasses:
- MVP - New and Improved
- Cronenberg's Existenz clip
- Clean Sweep -P.Beck.mov
- The Big Idea : Getty Images, The Glue Society


- EFF's The Corruptibles
- Ridley Scott's 1984 apple commercial, and recent jammed versions

- Adam Curtis' Century of the Self
- A.C's Power of Nightmares
- Almodovar's Kika

-Culture Jam pt.3
-Craig Baldwin's Sonic Outlaws - Culture Jamming (BLF)-1
-Conglomco - Recode (original)
-Recode (ReCut)
-Christoff Schlingensief's Auslaender Raus Sample
-Davy Force - Truth - BSOD(1m6s)

4.ART PRAXIS, and the On/Off Switch
- Venezuela Bolivariana: venboliv_part3
- Big Noise Films ZAPATISTA -Subcammandante Marcos
- Atmo Film's Lucky People International - Sogyal Rinpoche/Death excerpt

- encore piece, surprise music video

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