Want to Drown Out the Hollywood version of “5th Estate” ?! #Mediastan


Want to drown out the Hollywood/Disney/Touchstone shite version of “The 5th Estate”?! The real stuff is #Mediastan … watch it , spread it, viralize it ! Now out from Journeyman Pictures…


But if you must, here’s a youtube link to watch it in full ( while it lasts , and as yet we can’t verify its authenticity. ) … And if you see it for free, consider paying them in a little PR work, spread the Vimeo link ! Tell your friends to support Journeyman Pictures… and/or write your own review ! Or … even do a lowkey DIY screening for your community by donation, and send the money to the filmmakers or to wikileaks or ? … Or support some new activist projects in your town that would make the JP+WL journalists proud !  Be creative !

They are doing astounding work ! Watch them all ! You will be inspired !

YOU’LL LAUGH, YOU’LL CRY, And YOU’LL WONDER WHY THE CITIZENS OF THE WORLD PUT UP WITH THIS SHIT SO LONG !!! And somebody please give Bill Keller ( former editor of NY Times – during Cablegate – and current Op Ed columnist ) something else to do…  far far away from the world of journalism !

Astounding !!! Thx Journeyman and Wikileaks !!!


Btw, speaking of Disney’s 5th Estate ( haha), we’ve seen a couple of Cumberpatches’ responses in regard to the various Wikileaks complaints and controversies, but has anyone yet asked Daniel Bruehl or Moritz Bleibtreu about playing the role of Hollywood tools ??!




{ Bleibtreu + Bruehl in 5th Estate  ?!! }


{ Cumberpatch… playing the role of a serious journalist ?! }

If ya get a chance, please ask them if they’ve seen #mediastan ??!

And Don’t Miss the 5th Estate sequel … The Assangenator ( trailer )

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