Follow up on the Fukushima Cafe event…



{ a few new resources, links below }

A small group of dedicated citizens met at Supermarkt venue in Wedding-Berlin to consider what kind of actions we – the general public – can take to address the crisis in Fukushima/Japan, which is one of the most severe and urgent crises facing humanity today.

Such heavy considerations had an unusual effect our own XLterrestrial arts+praxis researchers who attended. The meeting ended on an unexpected note, with good humor, and with jokes that we had easily solved the situation… in only the 2nd gathering of the Cafe project.

Today, we bounce back and forth between the need to spread the hard information on the crisis and trying to retain that energy-high that creativity can prevail. For even if we are swept into an abyss tomorrow, the time we spend today to lift our ass and our spirits, our brothers and sisters out of the dark, is never time lost !

Many constructive ideas were collected, discussed…

Ongoing gatherings in Berlin and beyond, arts+performance events, fundraisers, a new online hub of information labelled as Fukushima Cafe, butoh-inspired parade-like situations ( to advertise future events ? ) … and then an odd discussion of stranger science and interventionism, w/ a Sci-Fi-Now attitude …


{ transport useless politicians into deep space ?? }



{ Think Big or Think Small, very small, molecular even, i.e. Brown’s Gas. }

WE’re going to have to investigate a few of these latter ideas, but some interesting futuristic concepts made us think that Fukushima raises horribly daunting and seemingly impossible hurdles until one starts to think along the lines of outside-the-box inventions, like Yull Brown’s – Brown Gas – explorations ( rumors exist that this can be used to transmutate radioactive material )  … And the idea of a Space Elevator for getting TONS of nuclear waste off the planet where it can’t do serious looooong-lasting (i.e. genetic) damage to life on earth. And if that’s not feasible, we can at least use it to transport useless politician’s or International Atomic Energy Commission-ers out into deep space where they can play all the capitalist guinea pig experiments they want…


Meanwhile Some down-to-earth Links ( new ) :

Evacuate Fukushima Now ( blog )

Fukushima – collection of infos about the aftermath and the background ( Fbook group )

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