Which Meltdown’s Gonna Get Ya First ?!!

Japan Earthquake Revolving Door

{ from a Gizmodo post presumably from 2011 }


> added > REPORTS from Fukushima Cafe (#2): see bottom.



{ Hoax?}

Even if this map IS mis-used or mis-appropriated, which many on the net have attempted to point out… (we haven’t verified one way or the other). BUT it shouldn’t lessen the concern of radioactive materials spreading into the Pacific !

How soon will we be needing Geiger Counters at the fish markets around the world ??! And whose going to regulate this unregulate-able disaster ??!  Will this f*ck the Pacific Ocean … forever !? One vegan friend of ours mentioned the other day that soon after 11.03.11, he made one LAST large order of seaweed from Japan, and for him buying food from the region is OVER !



{ Workers in a High-Risk area ! }

The Web is radiating again with urgent news about Fukushima, much of it stirring controversy and/or much-needed debate…

And, if you haven’t been following the latest developments, this article is a good place to catch up fast :

The Demand for a Global Take-Over at Fukushima has Hit Critical Mass by Harvey Wasserman.

In Berlin this Sunday you can come to engage in discussions, sort out  the real news from the distortions, debate and explore what citizens can do to seek solutions to an increasingly dangerous situation:

< 06.10 > Fukushima Cafe at Supermarkt, 2:00 – 7:00pm, Berlin

the Fbook invite


So what does a nuclear power plant meltdown even mean ?! In the words of Michio Kaku, we’re in experimental territory. That is don’t expect a nuclear physicist to give you any concrete conclusions… we haven’t been here before ! *

And don’t expect an employee of the nuclear industry to give you a straight answer, cause the entire nuclear game is riding on the fact that we-the-public do not fully understand the time bomb that humanity is squarely sitting upon.

From our XLterrestrial perspective, it’s clearly one of the more urgent matters facing the well-being of living breathing creatures on planet earth. Not to say we have deep expertise in nuclear physics, but anyone whose carefully sorted through a few archives below the corporate media surface of this relatively brief history of the nuclear age one can conclude: energy companies and the military industrial complex and even many academic institutions are full of shit. They are not providing an informed overview to make rational and ethical decisions, because big industry and big politics are charting the course.

And did you catch the recent Guardian story that the US military had “700 “significant” accidents and incidents involving 1,250 nuclear weapons … recorded between 1950 and 1968 alone “  and once accidentally dropped an atomic bomb on North Carolina (in 1961) ???!  Fortunately it didn’t detonate, but even, as it was falling, its safety mechanism failed.

Nuclear energy is clearly a territory where an independent, international and democratic body ( such as – in theory – a United Nations was meant to function )  needs to take the reigns as soon as possible.

This is one suggestion being proposed with no small alarm, by Wasserman in his article linked above…

And perhaps with that direction in mind, citizens from Canada, Den Haag, Berlin and ?? … are forming to spread awareness far and wide by creating ” Fukushima Cafe ” - a series of international events to motivate the public to begin seeking solutions other than waiting for Tepco and Japan’s govt. to deal with the crisis.

It’s a new project. One took place in Amsterdam this week, and the second one kicks off THis Sunday in Berlin. Links above.


Recently we at the XLt Lab have been sorta pondering the bigger question: Which Meltdown’s Gonna Get Ya First ?!!

There’s Fukushima, there’s the Big Data – The Net Is Broken – meltdown, Democracy meltdown (govts. everywhere being taken hostage by neo-liberal vultures), there’s the Big Banks + Wall Street meltdown, the Environmental + Climate meltdown, and there’s one’s own personal precarious livelihood in the whirlwind of economic + material uncertainty surrounded by rising rents and nearly every turn at the mercy of vested-interest – 1% – politics  …

… and feel free to pile on your own hot topics…

It’s all just a wee bit difficult to navigate… what makes sense to work on first? … how shall we proceed ? …


{ C.o.C. – The film, online here }

We don’t have any easy answers, but as Dr. Nafeez Ahmed’s analysis in his book ( and film ) A User’s Guide To Crisis Of Civilization, these appear to be all symptoms of a connected problem, which to quickly summarize in a snapshot, has to do with being steered by a tragically-flawed globalization ideology and growth economies…  or in XLt terms – a dismal operating system !

So the idea of navigating or re-assessing the paths humanity’s currently taking is perhaps one of our most effective recourses in responding – in scale – to our overwhelming predicaments.

Creating local public gatherings around issues like the Fukushima crisis is a small and focused start, and it’s hard to say how much these bigger pictures can be addressed in a one-evening session format. But perhaps there are new citizen platforms and ideas which can arise out of these challenging discussions.

We cannot remain passive ! Or as Howard Zinn said, you can’t sit neutral on a moving train !

* [We'll have to pull up more facts/comparisons if there's time, but comparisons w/ Chernobyl reveal a very different problem. Firstly it's a MUCH GREATER amount of nuclear fuel than Chernobyl (  1,600 tons / 180 tons ). Reports on the damage, casualties, etc. by Chernobyl accident are too controversial and conflicting to get into here, but one other huge difference is that the Daichi plant has been in operation for 40 years and Cher. only 8 years. So a massive amount ot spent fuel is also going to be a whole new problem to consider. The other differing factor is that toxic water is spilling into the ocean, which means more complications as toxicity is less containable. ]



{ an art pic, to get u thinking outside-the-box, artist unknown }


added > REPORTS from Fukushima Cafe (#2):

Well that was easy, we got that one solved! Through a combination of 1. “Brown’s Gas” ** to transmutate radioactive materials, 2. Using a future Space Elevator for sending the International Atomic Energy Commission onto other capitalist misadventures far from earth, and 3. Hosting another arts + strategies conference in November…

The future is looking bright ! … We’ll keep ya posted on more news at a new Fukushima Cafe blog + a twitter page … more news + links coming here, check back with us in a day or 2 or 3 or 4…

** More on Brown’s Gas : http://www.opednews.com/articles/life_a_jibbguy_080524_more_on_brown_s_gas_.htm

( new territory for us, we’re searching more articles on this ! )


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