Germany’s in Good Hands ( election time )






Germany is in good hands…. caption translated from a Christian Democrat – CDU – electoral ad with Ms. Merkel’s favourite hand gesture. This giant billboard is beside the Hauptbanhof facing the Reichstag and Parliament buildings. Naturally the web’s had a heyday w/ the image, check here for the full barrel of laughs and a not-so-vague sense of unease, go here:

Election Day… Apparently the Pirates are having a party at Urban Spree 2nite….

And voters in Germany, if yur still undecided this rap clip from The Incredible Herrengedeck might help : Go FDP ! ;)┬á – ( the rabid neo-liberal party… which is an endangered species, but probably because CDU is serving them just-as-well. )

In other, more serious news… it is being reported that Friedrichshainers have conquered Kreuzberg in the #gem├╝seschlacht ( water + food fight )…



And a few thing coming up in the schwarzgruenrotgelb+orange??-lands:

< 23- 27.09 > Social Media Week kicks in 2morrw. Hmmm.

< 26-28.09 > Art Hack Day – Going Dark

< 26.09 > CiTiZEN KiNO #29: DiY Eco Gnomic at Panke


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