CiTiZEN KiNO (#29) : DiY Eco Gnomical at Panke, and stuff…




< 26.9. > CiTiZEN KiNO #29 : ” DIY Eco Gnomical ” is being assembled… At Panke in Berlin, begins at 21:00h.

” CiTiZEN KiNO is cinema hacking, prepare to be engaged ! It’s Gilliam meets The Yes Men meets Cypherfunkadelic, unlocking your theater seat. “  Anonymous Times.

This episode features special guests- added: Carsten Lisecki ( maker of “Art Account Deutsche Bank” ), Les Apaches Banquiers, and straaange economic experiments, and of course Dr.Podinski navigating the XLterrestrial media archives…

Plus: We Will Pay You To Attend ! … Be an Economic Guinea Pig, all C-Kino guests will receive some ‘XLt currency’ to immediately begin new forms of financial + cultural exchange.

Themes : DiY Eco Gnomical , come join the brainstorms for this upcoming show here at the Pirate Pad. With new added media links.

The FedBook Invite ( at yur own risk :)






{ Ck29 stills + visual notes}

more coming soon!

2 Responses to “CiTiZEN KiNO (#29) : DiY Eco Gnomical at Panke, and stuff…”

  1. Carol McGuigan Says:

    In Carsten Lisecki’s short film showing the long queues of artists outside Deutsche Bank, aiming for inclusion in the bank’s Kunst Halle, albeit for 24 hours, we witnessed the raw state of artists’ mendicant relationship to the big money corporate realms, there was even a soup kitchen. One of the significant statements in the film, came as a question from Carsten himself. He wondered that the artists had so much *time*, that shouldn’t they be using their time working in their studios? Although the queue looked humiliating, it was only a physical manifestation of the *waiting* that artists are forced into every time they apply for amounts of money that might support the production of their work. If they don’t get this, they are forced, as I have been, into debt and because of that into more or less full time employment to service that debt. Then *time* becomes an even more precious commodity, crucial decisions must be made on how to *spend* it – in the production of one’s art or otherwise… One of the enjoyably disruptive aspects of Citizen Kino is the way it seeks to interfere with the norm of how in conventional visits to the cinema, our perception of time is suspended, we become less conscious of our actual surroundings and of time (unless it’s a terrible movie). But with this comes responsibility, if we aren’t watching the film, how are we *spending our time*? In a previous CKino at Panke, in the summer, there was a brilliant departure from 2D absorption (not of course, in these days of smartphones and computer games, confined to the cinema or TV). We were invited to leave our seats and go on a group wander, led by Dr Podinski, exploring the greater dimensionality of a stretch of yard and canal. There was even a spontaneous encounter with someone outside our ‘cinematically conditioned’ group consciousness. The delight not only in this but in the other (normally overlooked or disregarded) aspects of our actual environment wasn’t just enjoyable but had aspects of a kind of magical rediscovery of how interesting and rewarding our physical surroundings and encounters with others can be. This kind of moment is becoming increasingly rare but it had a shamanic power that holds a kind of key of how we’ll ever step out of our increasingly screen-bound existence. The latest CKino had some good playful (but satiric and thought-provoking) physical moments with people choosing their ‘payment’ for the evening from a range of baubles, coins and artifacts. I unfortunately couldn’t stay for the second half, so missed how these things may have later been used, but the use of tangibility, allowing choice and holding discussion over worth and value was another great tactic. All these things are vital as artistic, no, I’ll say it again – shamanic – tools in waking us up from our screen-hypnosis. Because, otherwise we’ll *spend* too much of our waking *time* asleep.

  2. pod Says:

    THanks for participating Carol !! … and THx for sharing yur thoughts !! We hope to experiment more with the DiY economy themes and various “payment” plans !!!

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