Resource 006 and XLterrestrials on Garden-i-fication


{ Day of the Triffids, 2009, re-appropriated, hacked?, reverse engineered? * }

This weekend becomes Resource 006, the sixth in a series coordinated by Transmediale c0-curator Tatiana Bazzichelli. These are inbetween events that occur as a network extension/layer of the annual festival in January. Or perhaps as more than events, a fertile ground for …  ?!! … Our XLt listing and context-excerpt Here, but the full in-depth program at link below.

< 12-14.09 > reSource 006 : Overflow, at Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien + Mindpirates E.V., Berlin


XLterrestrials’ Dr Podinski will participate in the Open Debates on Thusday at 16:00h, we hope you can join us if you’re in Berlin. Here’s our letter sent to the Transmediale/ReSource Network:




This was written mainly as constructive feedback from the last resource
meeting for ‘The P2P Vorspiel’ [ a pre-Transmediale Festival in collaboration w/  the local venues, curators  and artists]. A meeting which we personally felt was far too structured and occupied by Transmediale themes and agenda… rather than providing a platform for the community / network to decide how best to engage itself w/ the festival … and perhaps more importantly BEYOND

But we think it will be useful for anyone to read who is interested in
attending the Resource Open Chats 2morw at Bethanien, which is framed in the context of “Trans-genre” or hybrid art activities.

This [framing] may provide an interesting starting point for some productive debates for those of us who Are in fact working along these lines ( for various reasons).  BUT it may also prove to be a little too constraining or too narrow to get a handle on the MASSIVE shifts and challenges we are facing today, as cultural producers in Berlin, and more importantly as concerned global citizens in, let’s just say, VERY UNSTABLE times.

As a ‘brief’ (Resource) intro…

We became involved with Resource shortly after some discussions began between TM and Wedding-based culture-makers Christian de Lutz (Art Laboratory Berlin – corrected ) + Erika Siekstelyte ( Panke) … And if we remember correctly, attending the 1st public gathering to get the network forming at General Public gallery… over a year and a half ago… And we participated in the Resource Exquisite Media Corpse – ( Ludic, game ) at TM fest in 2011. And in P2P Vorspiel in 2012.

We’d been attending and writing about Transmediale for The XLterrestrials project for a number of years… ( links coming ) attempting to give hard analysis and push the envelope in the arts(+tech) communities for taking on a variety of
social crises. And to inspire actions that go deeper than the Spectacle +
Showtime scenarios. That said, we don’t often succeed in getting there w/ our own projects. And that said, we often partake in the art worlds for the pure pleasure of creative social environments, because otherwise we would probably not survive as artists, nor as a humans, nor as  ALIENs ;)

But things feel like they are definitely getting far more serious, so we’re
curious if there are others in this network who see this is a community
with A LOT of potential for collectively navigating and addressing these
critical level “situations” !? To support each other as we take the art forms to the next engaged levels !

We’ve seen Transmediale (+ CTM) often as a strong mix of playful arts along with
intellectual + social engagement,  but what it – and festivals – rarely do
is get involved with the year-round issues and on-the-ground struggles of the city to which it belongs. That is… on local community-scale interactions + ACTIONS…
i.e. beyond the net, beyond the fest, beyond the arts.

So when some local artists and activated fans of TM got together and synched together w/ Tatiana B.’s own ideas for community engagement (and Net Disruption), we were curious and enthusiastic about the potentials….

Our feeling these days is that IF there aren’t some of us who push for
higher ground, the Resource Net will be just another happy little enclave
of technology + art sector bits repeating and re-playing the usual art exhibition formats, which doesn’t have a lot of TRANSFORMATIVE potential.

It may be a fringe perspective amongst you, or even our opinion alone, but we think there are some BIG CHANGES afoot that all socially-conscious artists should be preparing for…

And so we imagine a growing alliance of curators, artists and citizens
constructing the paths + the means to go outside the gallery / venue
walls. To go AWOL !

And so we would begin asking WHAT ‘resources’ can we PRODUCE from our interactions ? HOW can our creative productivity be put towards making serious impact on critical + urgent  issues ? … like surviving the 21st century, like restoring democracies, constructing DIY economies, etc.

Sure there will be a whole variety of art forms coming out of this rapidly
growing network, but where we’d personally like to see some extra progress made is in ideas that can take shape in the new genre(s) of Arts + Praxis.

We’ll have to let you define that for yourselves, as we are still in the
process of discovering what that means in our own work.

Perhaps when we are further along in this concept of Garden-i-fication, a theme which arose out the XLterrestrials + CiTiZEN KiNO performances , a kind of cinema hacking, a form to better navigate our current (predatory) media environments in community settings, we will have clearer models +

For now, Garden-i-fication came from one of our shows last year and
subsequent discussions. It’s about seeking ways to go against the grain of Corporate Capture and its strategies of Game-i-fication,  to operate
outside the usual Spectacle + Consume + Commodities platforms, which are
literally killing us !

And we will add:  ‘Resources’ from an XLterrestrials perspective could mean developing community brain pools, art labor-pools, collectivity,
solidarity, skill-shares, tactical media + media self-defense ( especially in light of all the current data scandals ), AND working together on tapping the money flows + (Berlin) cultural funding for crucial projects,  new economic strategies for the culture makers,

Thanks for reading,
if you found the time…

and looking fwd to discussing further with you all 2morw,

the XLterrestrials

* Interesting after so many years after seeing the film ( made in 1962 ) to read the plot summary of John Wyndham’s “Day Of The Triffids” ( 1951 ) … Certainly not meant here to imply a strategy of planting seeds of a dangerous military industrial complex, but the opposite! Though Garden-i-fication – community resources and empowerment – can be seen as a weapon to undo ‘the blindness’ which has been inflicted upon them by the numerous corporate technologies – the 2nd wave military Entertainment complex – running amok today.

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