The Inverted Sex of The Spy Bots

spybots_specimenA PenileBot1

{ Teufelsberg by night … like imagining Henry Kissinger inserting his entire 90 years of bloody Nobel flaccidness into your ear. }

The Inverted Sex of The Spy Bots

The dark irony should not be lost on the visitors of the abandoned NSA Teufelsberg Spy Station that when you climb the stairs to the top of the largest tower you are entering the head of an old penile intelligence. And when you look down at the platform below there are two tattered, infertile domes on either side. Only a technical engineer with military clearance would be able to tell you exactly how this blatantly phallic monument of the Cold War was used to pry and penetrate into The Lives Of Others, but there’s certainly no doubt as to its purpose.

work-in-progress – coming soon…


{ foto/article by By Joel Stonington }

In the meantime, this Der Spiegel article is a good intro :

Uncomfortable Monument: Art Fills Former Spy Station in Berlin


{ from CiTiZEN KiNO #28 Geodescic Time-Space-Body v.5 for Teufelsberg }

We did some short experiments with our CiTIZEN KiNO presentation for this weekend’s open house and The WestTurm Pavillion exhibition, but we were unfortunately unable to perform a complete version at Teufelsberg, which requires a focused-audience setting … The brief walking tours scenario we participated in briefly does not provide an adequate format to investigate the complexities of The Spy Era dysfunction.

If you are a curator or venue programmer and would like to host us for the full XLterrestrial analysis, please contact Dr. Podinski :)

Vielen Dank to curator Jill Ariela ( Westturm), Kai ( Dead Chickens ), all the artists and maintenance team who keep this space active + open to the public ! Its value as a living, breathing, haunted museum is immeasurable, a vital piece in the puzzle to comprehend The Military Industrial Complex era. Themes here are immensely relevant to the predicaments the planet’s in right NOW !

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