We Don’t Need No Sim-u-lation(s) …


{ Roger Water’s The Wall 1990, Berlin }

We Don’t Need No Sim-u-lation(s) … We Don’t Need No Pop Control !

Well this would have to be a deep, extensive essay to explain all the feelings that come up while thinking about the return of ‘Pink Floyd’s’ The Wall show , which is playing out at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin tonight as we write from a cozy window spot in a little Hungarian corner of Friedrichshain. But here’s the incomplete, sketched version… cause well, no one’s paying for deep analysis + bleedin’ emo content on the web these days, and besides we got other tactical fish to fry…

… like WW4 under construction by the Oiligarchies in Syria.

To begin, anything that takes place in the infamous Charlottenberg stadium remains a kinda tainted deal,  an open historical wound given that the ol’ “Reichssportfeld” structure designed by Otto March and his 2 sons Werner and Walter were incorporated into those uniquely propagandist Olympic Games of 1936. In other words, the Military Entertainment Complex is alive and well.

ANd so really the ultimate Pop Spectacle + Domination Game really has no better home !

With that said, Roger Waters is probably one of the most respectable* of the rock n roll giants, but a little deconstruction and piss-take on THE SHOW BIZ – End of History Channel – is always warranted !

We’re kinda sad that we sat out TWO Pink Floyd(-ish) Wall shows in the Btropolis, but hey, we don’t need no SIMULATIONs, we needz to ACT ! …  ( for 50-100 euros and up ) . And plus we was kinda worried that Bryan Adams, Cindy Lauper and the Scorpions might be asked to join the show again from the 1990 version.

( And Ooof! That was one of the worst concert videos ever FF scanned – endured, finally having caught up to it at a friend’s pad – an avid, ney fanatic, music archivist / collector – in The Netherlands… c. 2011. Bless him, those simple passions are where life remains sorta sane. )


{ from Der Sumpf- Europa Stunde Null – performed in collaboration w/ Sophiansaelle, on the 20th anniversary of ‘The Wall’ production, 2009/10. }

The point of this plog is to briefly mention a cultural event far more worthy of discussion,  a theatrical deconstructed simulation of The Simulation…

One of the best theater pieces EVER on The Wall ( combined w/ insights into the production of ‘The Wall’ )  and that whole tamale of the East/West divided-city scenario was called Der Sumpf – Europa Stunde Null ( The Swamp – Europa ground zero ) – featuring the likes of Gina Dorio ( of Cobra Killers) and Ted Gaier (from Goldenen Zitronen) playing Roger Waters… and an inspired cast, including a hilarious audio piece by Heinrich Dubel describing his personal experience of the 1990 show via tripping hard on LSD + riding the roller-copters of colonial pop-domination.

Der Sumpf was like watching Godard giving Mick Jagger – that burger king of spectacle – a live “wedgie” and tossing his shit-eating grinny ass into the mosh pit !

OK, but a little more backround needed, we’ll be back. stay tune…

Another brick in the history of The Wall…



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