CiTiZEN KiNO #27 : The Kiss Of Big Data


< 25.07 > XLterrestrials present C-KiNO #27 at Panke E.V. in Wedding – Berlin. A hybrid of cinema, theater, media hacking and psychomagic.

20:00h voku / dinner
21:00h kino

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“As Lacan used to say about Big Data, it’s far more dangerous for man than the atom bomb. ” Evgeny Morozov … Nice one, but nevermind Lacan, we can psychoanalyze till we’re blue in the face. What we want to know is how to get outta here before the shit blows up !

Join us for an extraordinary confrontation w/ the disembodied maw of a digital feeding frenzy !

By good weather, we may try the the outdoor terrace this time… and if not, we’ll get cozy in the Kino lounge.

Dr. Podinski and Special Guests provide the media clips, the viewpoints and the experiments to kickstart your brains.



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- C-Kino #27 – Notes -

Here’s some of the more intense articles on Prism / NSA stuff of late:

–  Surveillance blowback: The making of the US surveillance state, 1898-2020 by Alfred W. McCoy – 17 July 2013

– Forget for a moment this story leads w/ Richard Linklater on an old Alex Jones (pain-in-the-ass) program… this sums up an amazing self-inducting aspect of the PRISMIC world: NSA’s PRISM viewed through Philip K. Dick’s ‘A Scanner Darkly’ by Dj Pangburn

– The level of journalism at NaturalNews isn’t top, but this article should make your head spin a bit:

Skynet rising: Google acquires 512-qubit quantum computer; NSA surveillance to be turned over to AI machines (w/ interesting media clip links, like the Ray Kurzweil Bot looking like he’s got twitches or glitches from an overdose of vitamin supplements.

[ We just discovered that Mike Adams - editor at Natural News -  is a colleague of Alex Jones. NOT GOOD to have TWO articles in ONE BLOG so up-to-the-neck in heavy conspiracy rants, but rather than erase it, we'll leave it up for your own assessments. ]

ADDED:  Morozov’s deep analysis of the Data Crackheads in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) : THE PRICE OF HYPOCRISY ::: ENG VERSION :::



- CK27 A Possible playlist (for analysis purposes only ) :

Adam Curtis Vs. Massive Attack  \\ The Fifth Estate trailer \\ Keiser Report- Destabilization, Algobots and Counterfeiting \\ Story of Genki by D. Oreilly \\ Greenwald + Scahill at Socialism Conference, Chicago 2013 \\ Snowden Street \\ Op Doc Stellar Wind by Laura Poitras \\ The Loving Trap \\ Ray Kurzweill on Immortality 2045 \\ Hooligan Gang Fight Narrated by David Attenborough \\ Attack of the Drones by Journeyman Pictures \\ Patric Catani BlingSanity \\ THE MACHINE WHICH MAKES EVERYTHING DISAPPEAR trailer \\ Datasex \\ Milkbath 123 \\ Inject by Herman Kolgen \\ Astronaut by GAILLARD \\

( links later )

And if you missed the very last clip, anexperiment which is a very remote tangent to the Data theme, unless you consider we are subtlely sending you subliminal and not-so-subliminal messages that it’s summertime and that you have a body : watch here:

The Tram by Michaela Pavlatova (2012) – Thx to Interfilm and The Director’s Lounge for the tip :)


{ are you drowning in the Big Data Bits yet ?? }

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