3 Years After Katrina (part 1), DNC Protest Zone, and The Republicrats’ Perpetual Short Change

[ Still from Benh Zeitlin's "Glory at Sea", big winner at SXSW and NOLA Human Rights Film Fest in 2008]

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27.8 : 3 Years After Katrina
Movie Nite at Mano’s Bar
ecke skalitzer/lausitzer str. Berlin
Begins 8pm

Special guests:
Panpirat, Cyclown Circus musicians, Media Decompression + Podinski

Selected films from AK Kraak + PanMove, “Cataclysm” (2006), Benh Zeitlin’s ingenious and Kusturica-esque “Glory at Sea”(2007), current news clips from Democracy Now (2008.8), etc.

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DNC Protest Zone and The Republicrats’ Perpetual Short Change

As the Democratic National Convention gathers in what might be appropriately called “the Denver SHU” (a prison term meaning Secure Housing Unit or maximum security), it comes to light that both cities of the Republicrat conventions ( RNC in Minnesota Sept.1-4) have received $50 million dollar grants in federal funding. You can see/hear more about all that in SubmediaTV’s DNC report and interview with Jared Jacang Maner, a writer for Westword.

That $100 MILLION budget scenario for “A Pigs’ Christmas in August” juxtaposed with Bill Quigley’s recent article for Counterpunch called Katrina, The Pain Index written on the 3rd anniversary of Lousianna’s Cataclysm ( incidentally the name of the Panmove documentary featured 2morrw at Mano’s Cafe in Kreuzberg) paints a horrifying picture of victims and citizens still left sinking in a very UNNATURAL DISASTER.

0 = the number of renters in Louisiana who have received financial assistance from the $10 billion federal post-Katrina rebuilding; 0 = the number of apartments currently being built to replace the 963 public housing apartments formerly occupied and now demolished at the St. Bernard Housing Development program; 0 = the 2.6 billion FEMA dollars that have been scheduled BUT NOT delivered to the State of Louisiana for Katrina damages.

But oh yes the Republicrats are taking a sweet bath in federal money! And when they’re not babbling about Change ( we should probably keep in mind when They use that word that it in fact means VIOLENT change!) they’re crooning about the American Dream (ditto!).

[ DNC protest zone (more pics/news at Indybay), hmm what on earth might be their beef with the Obama-Biden party?! ]

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