Our XLterrestrials ‘kickstarter’ page … Since c.2006 !


These difficult times are getting more difficult…

And if there happen to be any citizens out there w/ a little or a lotta xtra cash on hand, and want to invest in planet-saving strategies … the XLterrestrials ‘kickstarter’ page is here, since c. 2006… contact info here.

Why don’t we put up a real Kickstarter page ?

Well, we aren’t totally against it, and you may see one from us eventually. But let’s face it, the media fixated and netted culture is in a number of (damaging) ways shaping and capturing our productivity yet again through these (business?) trends.  And you’ll more often see some band get money for a new album or a celebrity artist getting a mega-boost, than you’ll see someone succeeding in raising funds to travel to Haiti to help build much-needed homes … Yes, a true story, their Kickstarter failed.

But we’re not bashing all the funding of innovation that Does happen with these platforms… it’s heart-warming to see that there is a new kind of community- support-phenomenon still in its early stages of what’s possible !

BUt there ARE a number of reasons to be wary of how platforms shape the game and which platforms you use… I.e. the odious Amazon empire ( an early investor ) – which plays a mean empire/ domination game in the publishing world and other sectors -  will net X-millions this year from all the creative output funded by YOU through Kickstarter.

Josh MacPhee’s ( Just Seeds Collective ) article in Baffler (2012), which we’ve posted here before ( and in many online discussions)  is an in-depth analysis – and mixed review – beyond anything we’ve got time for now.

But one angle missing in his piece is that the odder creativity, the outside-the-package/product/media consumption-thinking-box, and projects that are not yet so clearly defined and/or need time and finances to experiment… will generally not stand a chance on these platforms.

Not to mention, radical projects which would anyway NOT pass the approval of a big overseen enterprise like Kickstarter…


Well, XLterrestrials has projects in all of those domains…  and also some that are NOT controversial and are very clearly defined… like CiTiZEN KiNO, our media education + self-defense project.

AND it’s also not all about money… we need all kinds of resources… , equipment, co-producers, collaborators, time to write and research, etc. But we also need to urgently pay some small bills… and eat. So please consider getting in touch with us and find out how you can support us, Today.



And have a look at our NEW XLt Projects Page, though still under construction.

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