Children of Technotopia v.5: So WTF Now ?!!


{ an XLt special for the daring greenpeaceUK climbers ! }

welcome to oiligarchy / welcome to 1984… so WTF now ?! #iceclimb #snowden

Two sides of the same coin ?!

We’ve been listening to the livestream of the #iceclimb action – a daring crew of six women who are scaling The Shard in London – to try to stop Shell Oil’s wreckless and mad plans to drill in the arctic. It’s a clever mix of direct action, social media, spectacle and petitioning by Greenpeace UK…

With a challenge asking us what will we do ( without permission ) to save the environment and deal with climate change. As we write this, they’ve been climbing since 4:30am … and now in their 15th hour. Anyone who’s ever done some climbing will know what an incredible feat this is…

Thank You !

( nevermind for a moment that GP the org has myriad problems, there are courageous and serious activists putting themselves on the line for the planet  ! )




“The greatest fear that I have regarding the outcome for America of these disclosures is that nothing will change.” Edward Snowden

In regards to the NSA AFFAIR ( not Snowden Affair as we’ve seen a few commentators prodding the media ), it’s been a number of weeks that journalists have had to get over the shocking details – but not exactly a surprise, since this spying game has been going on for decades now.

But it finally took Norman Solomon at Common Dreams to finally ask the obvious question we’ve been wanting to focus on here in v.5 :

SO, WHAT THE FUCK NOW ?!! ( not his words exactly ;)

What are we going to do about it ?!… Norman doesn’t exactly have very good answers… ( b/c if you take into account something Bifo recently said : democracy is over, since… 9/11 ? )…  but at least he’s onto the right question…

Denouncing NSA Surveillance Isn’t Enough—We Need the Power to Stop It

The hacker community and orgs like Tactical Tech Collective are giving us tools to shift away from the companies that have sold us down river… to encrypt… to build a better web… we’ll have to come back and link those resources soon.

Not to discourage taking ANY of those steps, they are also essential, but that’s a very steep climb – for the general public – to overcome the kind of invasive tech power now in the hands of the corporate state…

So we’ll continue to analyze from other angles… And try to address those questions , perhaps with a non-tech approach, but we’ll also have to work a bit longer on HOW to communicate that here on the INTERNETZ. so stay tune…

Children of Technotopia, we may have a few other options up our sleeves!

to be cont…

added: We hadn’t read this article before putting this article togther: In ‘Chilling’ Ruling, Chevron Granted Access to Activists’ Private Internet Data

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