Children of Technotopia v.4: the internet is lost


{ from Shu Lea Cheang’s the replicants of U.K.I. }

” The internet was lost, by the idiots who built it. you and me, the military, the nerds, academia, lawyers, gold-diggers and the 20th century, on which it all still runs, like a famished ghost. The power of mass media was always a mercurial poison , anathema, to local communities, authentic communications, physical realities and embodied love… its viral infection persists, ravages – a conquerer’s fantasy, which ranges from generals to dictators, stalkers to mother earth rapists to mass murderers, reductionists, hired scientists, attention whores, psychopaths, compulsive narcissists and let’s not forget all the overlooked little xtras-people scurrying (in the film) to drink n breathe life via their bought+sold digital i.v.’d souls … The Traits of Netizens, which we all probably have or harbor to some degree. Traits which rise to the surface, heralded, magnified and blistering by the power/delusion/seduction to disembody communications, to reach a global audience, to total domination. 15 mins of fame to 15 mins of privacy to 15 mins of grandstanding terror …

Guess what! The future is disconnected …or else it no longer exists…

Or maybe to spin that cliched (+ extremely fatigued ) techno-futurist hype… ” The future is already here, it’s just not equally inflamed! “



{ from [AKLR 2.0] Akelarre Cyborg, Quimera Rosa & Transnoise (Berlin / Barcelona) at Alpha Nova Werkstatt + Galerie Futura }

If ya want to see the technotopia in its most revealing and brutal incarnations take a look at what the military ( and all its 9-5 tech n progress worker drones ) do to shape culture on a daily basis…

Or go to the prescient art fringe, where the insurrectionists are singing songs of either filtered or unacknowledged lament, which apparently now takes the form of a muffled but amplified e-proxy scream while wrapped in industrial rubber + wire + masks : Anti-music via hard-wired body apparatus + sensors, dumpster-dived and re-appropriated from the military industrial/consumer complex. They even get us a little high on it, like sniffing glue, and we smile wryly together/seperated in the few square meters of a temporarily reclaimed and rented concrete art factory of freedom… or should it be read as a theater of the oppressed ?

nex4 +nex5


Attempting to invest in territories that can be won… is not an easy switch for us masochists ;)

It’s all fun and games, until you lick somebody’s eyeballs out :)

please Note: “While the XLterrestrials may paint a grisly and critical picture of our slippery slope technological landscapes and mindsets, we do support the courageous peeps and technological adepts, who recognize the dangers to citizens and DO THE RIGHT THING !”

Lately we have begun to see a variety of possible scenarios whereby characters like Snowden are trained to be high level techs + hackers (article in Business Insider, link coming ) and then saw the crimes they are committing for govt. agencies, and then find themselves at a dangerous crossroads: become a (high-paid) traitor to humanity, or become a whistleblower. If more people get a picture of this choice being made, ultimately there will be more who come to support all those who have risked and will risk their lives to tell the public their truths ! And for sure there will be many more to come who will not accept the criminal careers their employers have lured them into being.


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