Children of Technotopia v.3: the digital OCCUPATION


{ from Francesco Romoli foto , XLT remix }

- v.3 Fragments -

What Stewart Brand and his fellow technotopian bots were really saying. “We are as imperial dicks, and you will get good at consuming it ! ” **

” .. Addicted to fossil fuels, wedded fanatically to casino capitalism, and convinced, ostrich-like, that somehow technology alone will save us. ” Nafeez Ahmed

Egypt’s new age of unrest is a taste of things to come

cryptocuration and its miscontent by Baruch Gottlieb ( telekommunisten )

“A technological fix for a technological fuck, sounds a little like a downward spiral from our perspective.  !” XLt analyst

Added : “So what does the #Snowden story tell us now? There are currently about 2 countries left in the world with any real national sovereignty… and courage.” Anon

Added: Ok we take the piss outta the internet all the time ( and contrary to the self-congratulatory anthroprocene it STILL ain’t lookin so good for planetary evolution ), but if this kid is what the rising new internet generation looks like, we’re still in :)


watch here : Egyptian interim Prez – THis KId’s WIDE AWAKE ! ( you will be amazed, or your money back ; )

BUT NoTe: When asked who taught him that, he said i read newspapers, watch tv, and search in the internet… but before THat, he said : I LISTEN TO PEOPLE A LOT and I USE MY OWN BRAIN. “

more v.3 analysis… coming soon !

** foot: In 1968, Stewart Brand’s Whole Earth Catalog began with the words “We are as gods and might as well get good at it”

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