Children of Technotopia v.2: You’re in for a few Shock Docs…


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What a perfect picture to begin our analysis of The Whole Earth conference at HKW…

< 27.06 > CiTiZEN KiNO #26 : Anthropocene vs. Indigenous – PART 2 … Come join us for our follow-up forum on issues raised at HKW’s exhibition on The Whole Earth, and explore with us some tangent tales of a more relevant counter-culture , at Panke in Wedding !

20:00h – Voku/Dinner
21:00h – C-Kino begins

( unfortunately we can not continue to do these programs on a donation basis, at least not until we work out some sponsorship model.  Voku is 2euros, and we suggest 4euros for the Cinema, but no one turned away for lack of funds. )

Children of Technotopia v.2

SO why start in the muddle of academia? … Let’s get to the point …. The Whole E-Earth is fucked ! … But maybe we don’t have to play that game !**


Here’s the no-beating-around-the-bush analysis from Trevor Paglen in Guernica Magazine: Turnkey Tyranny, Surveillance and the Terror State

” By exposing NSA programs like PRISM and Boundless Informant, Edward Snowden has revealed that we are not moving toward a surveillance state: we live in the heart of one. The 30-year-old whistleblower told The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald that the NSA’s data collection created the possibility of a “turnkey tyranny,” whereby a malevolent future government could create an authoritarian state with the flick of a switch. The truth is actually worse. Within the context of current economic, political and environmental trends, the existence of a surveillance state doesn’t just create a theoretical possibility of tyranny with the turn of a key—it virtually guarantees it. “

Well, XLterrestrials have been saying this for awhile… though through a bit more long-winded and often cryptic art forms and probably far less clarity.

Unfortunately this assessment was hardly addressed at The Whole Earth conference. And it felt rather like a bunch of high-brow gigging intellectuals falling into the same old institutional traps: to package their themes w/ ‘clever’ angles and ‘clever’ cultural displays, and to publish and sell slick distributable catalogues – not yet out. Critique bits aside, we do anticipate finding a wealth of information to explore there if not the appropriate urgency.

What was really necessary at a conference was to put Cybernetics and The Neo-Liberal Digital Revolution into current context – which the recent Prism leaks do emphaticly – and to put some strategies on the table for a public forum and debate ! And to mobilize response(s) !

It didn’t happen, and so we bring you CiTiZEN KiNO for what we hope can be more tactical engagements with the material … and try together to imagine what a real counter-culture might look like NOW ! Your participation is definitely called upon !


** For example, if we are losing the battle for who controls the digital base, are there options to Not Play? ( Or Not play by the established rules and code). This communications realm seems like a primary means to modern society’s evolving intelligence and collectivity… Is it dangerous to concede that this digital territory may be a lost cause?


a partial CiTiZEN K #26 playlist:

Surviving Progress || Lee Camp’s latest Moments of Clarity || Tenacious D – Jack Black on LSD || Jello Biafra interview 1  || California Uber Alles || gezi havas /gezi tune ||  Volkova Sisters – Das Mädel und die Dunkelheit (Hope EP) …  tbc…

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